Sweetness. How else to describe the thought of legions of disappointed media types (not to mention Yankee fans) who were hoping to see Roger stick it to the Sox yesterday and get number 300. Perhaps its better this way, now even loyal Sox fans can enjoy when Clemens finally does reach that milestone. The sight of Marty Barrett wearing a Yankees visor, in the luxury box also made the Clemens shelling satisfactory. Jeff Horrigan says that Grady forcing Roger to change his glove before the game was symbolic in many ways. No kid-glove treatment of Clemens yesterday. Steven Krasner writes about the Rocket failing his history test yesterday, and though the Sox were more focused on beating the Yankees, rather than just Clemens, Johnny Damon admits he didn’t want to end up on ESPN Classic. Bob Hohler says the Sox stole the show yesterday, wearing Roger out, and putting the game away after the Yankees had rallied. David Heuschkel says the Sox made Roger labor on Memorial day. Don Amore says perhaps the Yankees just all got a little too caught up in the moment yesterday. I love the headline of the Lenny Megliola article today: “Rockin’ Roger”. Kevin Gray looks at the indifference with which many Yankee fans treat Roger. A clearly disappointed Dan Shaughnessy knocks the patch, he thinks Roger’s agents were behind putting it on his glove. Jonathan Comey at least admits that he was rooting for Roger to stick it to the Sox yesterday. I enjoyed this bit from Sean McAdam:

In a comment that recalled some of his past unsuccessful skirmishes with logic and linear thought, Clemens said: "It couldn't have worked out any better -- other than the loss."

Whatever you say, big fella.

Gordon Edes notes Roger was either lying, or ignorant about the origin of the glove.

According to umpiring crew chief Joe West, Clemens claimed the glove had been sent to him by Major League Baseball. But that seems unlikely, since the glove he was wearing was made by TPX, his own glove manufacturer, and MLB's official glove supplier is Wilson.

''To the best of our knowledge,'' MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said last night, ''we were not aware Roger was going to wear the glove.''

Whoops. In other articles, Clemens is quoted as saying that MLB had worked real hard in designing that patch… In his pay column, Steve Buckley, who needed to be consoled after the game, knocks Joe Torre for leaving Roger in there too long. Jeff Jacobs says Roger and the Yankees were a bit too presumptuous yesterday. One of the most encouraging things from watching yesterday’s game was seeing the Sox do to Roger what the Yankees of a couple years ago used to do to Pedro. Wear him out, foul off pitch after pitch, Tony Massarotti comments on this strategy by the Sox. Nick Cafardo says the Sox batters frustrated Clemens as much as they wore him out. Jackie MacMullan looks at the Red Sox alumni group who traveled to see Roger go for the milestone. They’re all in awe that he is still out there when they’ve been retired for a decade or more. George Kimball looks at Tim Wakefield, who didn’t even think he’d have to pitch yesterday, because of the rain. Mark Blaudschun says Wakefield wasn’t going to make it easy for his old teammate. Howard Bryant looks at the huge catch by Hideki Matsui which only prevented the Sox from eventually putting up double digit run totals on the Rocket. Steve Buckley says don’t worry, Roger will get ’em next time…Krasner has more on the glovegate situation. Jon Wallach looks at how the Sox wrecked Roger in one inning. Lost in the excitement of the day is the news that Nomar continued his hitting streak. Massarotti duly notes the accomplishment. With the loss yesterday, the Yankees also extended their home losing streak. MacMullan looks at the frustration on the part of the Yankees. George Kimball, a guy who had his share of run-ins with Roger while he was here, (think bread rolls) writes in his premium column today that while he wrote when Roger left town that he wasn’t a Hall of Famer, but that he is now. He can’t resist one last shot at Roger though:

If there were a Nitwits Hall of Fame, they'd have to build a special wing for Roger Clemens. But when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame, he's more than earned his place, even if he never wins another game.

Howard Bryant’s premium column is a look at the struggling Yankees. This is in no way the same team that won multiple World Series just a few years ago. Most of the guys are gone, replaced by ones who haven’t grasped yet how to go about winning a title. He uses angry quotes by Jeter, many of which appear in Jack O’Connell’s article today. Joe Sullivan writes about his experience trying to help his son hawk “curse” t-shirts around Fenway. Elsewhere, Hohler’s notebook looks at Nomar’s streak. Horrigan’s notebook looks at the call up of Rule 5 draftee Matt White, as well as Pedro talking to the media. Krasner’s notebook looks at Wakefield’s performance and some of Roger’s catchers over the years. Heuschkel’s notebook has more on Grady and the glove…

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris look at the Stanley Cup Finals matchup of New Jersey vs. Anaheim, which opens up tonight. Harris says this should be one boring series. Joe McDonald looks at Pawtucket native Keith Carney, getting ready to play in his first Stanley Cup Finals. Paul Doyle previews the Stanley Cup Finals.

Peter May looks at the Spurs hoping to wrap up the Western conference finals tonight.

Stan Grossfeld has a feature article on Olympic gold medal decathlon winner Rafer Johnson, who recalls his career and experience of being there when Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. ESPN has Devils/Mighty Ducks at 8:00. TNT has Spurs/Mavs at 9:00. TBS has Braves/Reds at 7:30. ESPN Classic has a Bobby Orr SportsCentury at 8:00 and 11:00.