Links a little late due to some Internet connection issues. I’m using a wireless internet connection and it seems a bit spotty at times. Hopefully this isn’t am ongoing issue. Thankfully today is a light day for the links. I haven’t been able to connect to the Projo yet though. Don’t know if it is my problem or theirs.

Sox had the night off, so a slow(er) day on the local sports scene. Bob Hohler checks out the fourth annual Nomar Bowl, and finds the shortstop has the full respect of not only his teammates, but the community as well. Michael Silverman looks at the struggles of Derek Lowe, but notes that the team fully believes that he is going to be ok in the end. Gordon Edes says Roger has a bone bruise from the line drive he took off his hand Wednesday night, but that he plans to go on Monday. Joe Torre though, says any rainouts this weekend would push Roger back. David Heuschkel looks at Bill Mueller, who is seeing is popularity skyrocket, and just a few at bats shy of leading the league in hitting. Rich Thompson gives us an update on the Sox minor league system. Michael Gee’s pay column tells us the Yankees can be had. They have weaknesses in the bullpen and in the middle of their lineup. Lenny Megliola looks at a Natick probation officer who has also worked at Fenway selling and cooking hotdogs for 30 years. Hohler’s notebook looks at Johnny Damon’s struggles at the top on the lineup and how it is hurting the team.

Annika is the big story of the day on the airwaves and in the papers. Jim McCabe reports on her opening round yesterday. He notes the support she’s receiving and cautions that her downfall could be the short game. Joe Gordon provides the recap of the round for the Herald. Gerry Callahan gushes over Annika in his column today, but nothing so outstanding that I feel the need to quote him on. Kevin Paul Dupont says that we certainly learned that Annika can play with these guys. Jeff Jacobs agrees that Annika was able to silence the knuckleheads.

Christopher Price ponders how the Celtics can get better. Peter May looks at the Cavs winning the LeBron Lottery. Shira Springer has a quick sidebar on a date being set for the day in court for the fan who claimed Antoine Walker assaulted him during game three of the Nets series. The opportunistic Stewart Berg will have his day in the sun. Maybe Berg is hoping he can get Antoine to sign that game used jersey of Walker’s that he’s selling on his web site. Michael Vega looks at Troy Bell making the rounds of NBA teams.

Ron Borges looks at the signing of Dedric Ward, who felt right at home when joining the Patriots yesterday. Michael Felger has a similar look at the former Jet and Dolphin. Michael Parente looks at the possible roles that Ward could play on the team.

James Murphy answers critics (who, me?) who wondered why the Joe Thornton incident didn’t get much more play in the media here.