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John Dennis proclaimed on WEEI that he had sources telling him that the Celtics were low balling Jim O’Brien in an attempt to make it look like they were trying to re-sign him, but in reality wanted him gone. Then a couple hours later on the Dale & Neumy show, word came down from the Celtics that they had agreed with O’Brien on a two year contract extension. O’Brien was a radio guest today, first on WWZN and then on WEEI. Danny Ainge was the first guest on the Big Show, but technical problems prevented the Big Show crew from coming on the air, so the interview and beginning of the Big Show was done by Dale & Neumy.

David Koeppel (NY Times, free registration required) has an interesting look at how to survive as a Red Sox fan while living in New York. Hmmm. I thought they didn’t care about the Red Sox in NY and this “rivalry” was just a figment of Boston fans imaginations…David Pevear says No Pedro? No Problem. At least for last night. Mike Fine looks at last nights game, which wasn’t exactly a dream pitching matchup. Alan Greenwood says that despite the scratch of Pedro, the Sox had good karma working for them last night. Ken Lechtanski (making his BSMW debut) says that the Pedro injury puts a strain on the Sox whole pitching staff.

There’s an interesting contrast in Jim McCabe’s two articles on Annika Sorenstam today. There’s his Globe one, linked earlier today, which is Pro-Annika, and there is his MSNBC one, which is decidedly not. I guess I should give him credit for not simply recycling his Globe column for a national paycheck like some of the local media do, but which side does he believe? I’m guessing the MSNBC one, since it has more of his personal opinion in it. The Globe article builds her up, the MSNBC one tells us she doesn’t deserve to be there.

Mark Farinella weighs in on the state of the Big East.