Pedro Martinez is suffering from a strained lat muscle and will miss tonight’s start against the Yankees. WWZN and WEEI both reported the story about the same time, I couldn’t hear both, but it seems that WWZN got the report on air first. Before the nature of the injury was revealed, Michael Felger tried to make the case that the Sox were just delaying Pedro a day to go against Roger tomorrow. He was heckled by Ordway and Sean McAdam, and then the nature of the injury was revealed, in which Pedro will be missing this start altogether. It is coming out that Pedro hurt himself during a session of catch yesterday. The other story of the afternoon was the increased security around Fenway because of the terror alert being raised. The area immediately around the park is being cleared. If you’re going to the game, better plan on getting there as early as possible.

Mike Fine says last night was no fun for the Sox. Tonight isn’t looking so hot, either. Del Jones says Clemens is relishing the time around his 300th win. Chaz Scoggins says Roger is warming to his time in Boston.

David Aldridge attempts to defend the honor of Chris Wallace. (Scroll down to “Wallace did plenty of good for Celtics”) Dave, here’s a nickel, get a clue.