If I say a few media members need to be smacked, will I have to suspend myself for 30 days?

First up is Jon Heyman from NY Newsday. He can’t let the Bob Ryan quotes go. Heyman calls the quote “one of the dumbest things ever said on the airwaves and goes on to say:

The reason Ryan spent so much time getting worked up over Kidd isn't about Ryan's sanity, intelligence or nature. It's about his town, Boston, which can't get over that it's not New York, that New York has better sports teams and that the Yankees have 26 titles since the Red Sox last won. It's about the fact that their sportswriters eat, breathe, sleep, live and die with their teams. Me, I get my four solid hours sleep no matter who wins (though I'll admit I'm rooting for New York-bred Funny Cide, who like me is cpelling-challenged).

To me, this is a case of geographical jealousy. Ryan has New York envy. More precisely, he has the New Jersey strain. That doesn't mean he wishes Boston had swampland as far as the eye can see, bad drivers (they already have those), and a stubborn odor. He just wants New York-area teams to stop smacking his teams around.

What a pompous moron. Get over yourself, already. Also in the article, Heyman refers to Joumana as “stunningly beautiful” and the Kidd’s son T.J. as a “cutie-pie”. God, could this guy to any more to ingratiate himself to the Kidds and Nets? (oh, by the way Jon, Ryan is from New Jersey…)

If you want to contact Heyman, a reader has provided jonhheyman@aol.com as an adress where he can be reached.

Smack number two for the day goes to Boston’s own Peter May. In an article for ESPN.com he takes plenty of shots at the town in which he earns his living.

Completing the media moron hat trick is Peter Finney of the New Orleans Times Picayune, who is also writing on the topic of Bob Ryan. Finney says:

Boston fans berated Kidd with "wife-beater" taunts, referring to a two-year-old charge (later dropped) of wife abuse.

Someone please inform Finney that the charges were not dropped against Kidd. He made a plea arrangement so that he didn’t go on trial.

On another note, a reader wrote in to note that in his opinion, yesterday’s Mark Blaudschun article about the Big East/ACC shakeup was the most clueless one of all the pieces he had read on the topic. For those of you interested, he suggested these links:

There is just no way Penn State would consider leaving the Big 11. It just won’t happen. If you want possible scenarios, for the future Big East, here are two versions: With Miami, BC and Syracuse still in the league. and Without

Also consider this rundown from a Virginia Tech grad. Part one, Part two, and the other shoe.