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As was asked on the board last night, who is more disappointed that the Celtics beat the Pacers handily last night: Ron Artest, Isiah Thomas, or Dan Shaughnessy? Acting like yesterday’s column was never written, Dan writes about the white hot shooting streak that pushed the Celtics to victory last night. Something he and many of the Celtic legends in attendance had never seen before. The frontrunners closed out the Pacers just fine, thank you. Wasn’t it great to hear the Big O trash CHB yesterday? Shot Dan’s whole column to pieces. It’s ridiculous to label Pierce & Walker “frontrunners” when over the last two seasons they’ve had some of the most remarkable playoff comebacks ever. Several times coming back from double digit deficits to win. Steve Bulpett wraps up the game and looks ahead to the rematch with New Jersey. Shira Springer says the “Green Monster” was fired up, got hot shooting early and defensive stops. Carolyn Thornton notes the Celtics still upset over Tuesday night, were determined not to let this one get away. Lenny Megliola says that Celtics had to win last night, and came out smokin’. Christopher Price has the quick edition of the game. Jerry Trecker says the Celtics simple game plan was all it took to beat the Pacers. Peter May looks at the hot shooting by the Celtics, particularly by Delk and McCarty in this series and hones in on that for any hopes the C’s have for getting past New Jersey. Mark Murphy says that this Celtics team is unrecognizable from the squad that got drilled by 30 in Indy back in March. Bill Reynolds says this looks an awful lot like a repeat of last year. The “by committee” moniker looks like it might stick in Boston sports, as it is popping up everywhere. Rich Thompson looks at the Celtics “point guard by committee” of Delk and Bremer, as does Marvin Pave. Those two team up again to submit a couple of articles about John Havlicek talking about Paul Pierce. In addition to the hot shooting, Mark Blaudschun reminds us of the first half Tony Battie had, in which he had four blocked shots, and set the tone for the game. Gus Martins has Paul Pierce looking ahead to New Jersey. Michael Vega has Reggie Miller accepting full blame for the Pacers loss in this series. Vega also has a look at Erick Strickland, tired of moving around, he’s open to a possible return to the Celtics. Out in Indy, Bob Kravitz looks at the Pacers fall from aspiring Bad Boys to…just bad. Sekou Smith reports that Isiah and his players all think he should be brought back for next year. Mark Montieth says that Jermaine O’Neal says he’ll only be back if Isiah is…Springer’s notebook looks ahead to the Nets and has Paul Pierce channeling Bill Russell. He arrived “wearing an authentic warmup jacket from the 1956-57 season with the No. 6 on the back.” Pretty cool. Bulpett’s notebook says the Celtics dragging their feet with a new contract for McCarty is costing them more every day. Thornton’s notebook looks at the Pacers failure to stop the “Pierce explosion”.

Red Sox continue the streak of weird victories. Another one run win, but as emailer Bob from NH, who also sent this to the Eddie Andelman show yesterday points out:

As far as being 7-1 (now 8-1) in one run games, well that just shows how the media can manipulate stats. In previous years (like last year) when they had a horrible record in one run games, the media constantly stuck that in people's faces as to why they missed the playoffs. This year, with a great record in that statistic, the media is using it as a joke.

That’s been true mostly, as the one run games can be attributed to the bullpen giving up 4 run leads and making the games closer than they should be. Last night was also the seventh time the Sox have won a game in their final at-bat this year. Sean McAdam, pretty the most fair and objective of the media group, looks at those stats as positives. Jeff Horrigan writes about the Sox overcoming the early ejection of their starter to post the win. Gordon Edes has more on the late heroics. Steven Krasner says the charmed life continues for the 2003 Red Sox. David Heuschkel also points to the improved record in tight games as a plus for this team. Todd Walker was one of the heroes of the night was is rewarded with stories on him by Paul Harber and Mike Shalin. Elsewhere, Steve Conroy looks at the curiously quick hook that Casey Fossum got from the ump last night. Alex Speier reports on the job his replacement, Steve Woodard was able to do. Tony Massarotti knocks the Red Sox because Shea Hillenbrand’s name keeps popping up in trade rumors. Jim Donaldson writes about Robert Person prepping for the closer role. Silverman’s notebook looks at Hillenbrand sitting out last night from a sore elbow courtesy of the Royals pitching staff. The elbow was also the lead in Krasner’s notebook. Keeping to the elbow theme, Edes’ notebook looks a Sox pitching prospect Manny Declarmen facing Tommy John surgery. In Heuschkel’s notebook, Theo says that reports of the demise of CBC are greatly exaggerated. Out in KC, Bob Dutton reports that the Royals are ticked off at the umps and feel they’ve gotten the short end of calls that are costing them games.

Ty Warren met the Boston media for the first time yesterday, Michael Parente, Nick Cafardo and Alan Greenberg report on the press conference. Mike Reiss reports on WR Germaine Crowell visiting the Patriots recently.