Something I missed this morning in the links. Longtime Globe sports writer Clif Keane passed away last Friday at the age of 90.

Bob Gardner, who sent me the link, added these comments:

This is the big sports story for today. Clif Keane was a huge figure on the Boston Sports scene for many years. He was controversial, accused of having a "poison pen", of disliking latino ballplayers, and of racism when he had a radio show with Herald sportswriter Larry Claflin. Despite these negatives, he was an entertaining writer. In my opinion a lot better writer than Will McDonough. He was less of a power broker than McDonough which I think is also an advantage. In an ironic way, I think it's fitting that he should die at a time when the media and the players are feuding.

In other news, not a sports story really, but the AP is reporting the death of longtime WRKO host Jerry Williams.