Good Lord. I’m gone for four days and all hell breaks loose around the media and the Sox. I spent the time secluded away from radio, cable TV, Internet and even newspapers. I couldn’t even get a USA Today to dig up some scores on. I’m still trying to sift through all the articles and comments, trying to piece together what has been happening. Seems like it’s been a zoo. The hard part about it is trying to figure out what is really happening. The only reports we’re getting are from the media themselves, and just what level of objectivity can we possibly hope to expect when the ones reporting the stories are the very ones involved in these confrontations? This is getting ridiculous. No one is going to call out a fellow media member, either, since it seems everyone in the media is connected to each other through some radio or TV outlet. The overexposure of these guys is also creating an atmosphere in which it’s all about scoops, and soundbites. Say, write or do something controversial, and you’re the star of the week.

The media oftentimes claims to represent the voice of the fan. Additionally, they may say that when the players refuse to speak with them, they’re in effect, snubbing the fans. I maintain that the average fan doesn’t care if Pedro talks to Bob Hohler. The question I have is, when do the fans start to turn on the media because they’re becoming so disruptive that they’re actually effecting the performance of the team on-field? Sounds silly…why would these professional players allow a few lousy reporters to mess with them so much that it effects their craft? It shouldn’t. Will it? I think it could.

Things have gotten awfully ugly awfully early this year. You’d figure these things would happen during a four game losing streak in the dog days of summer, not three weeks into the season, after a seven game winning streak.

Celtics…glad I missed Monday night, sorry I missed last night. Decent article by Shaughnessy today, but he couldn’t resist the “grown up” shot at Wyc Grousbeck. I’m being whispered at behind the scenes not to be surprised by these shots being taken at the Celtic owners by various Globies. If the Celtics try to wiggle out of a lease, or eventually build their own building, the Globe–>NESN—>Bruins chain could suffer.

Patriots…what better way to celebrate my return than with a Nick Cafardo blunder? On Tuesday, Nick wrote:

Koppen was coached by Dave Magazu, who spent four years as BC's line coach but left the Heights to join Jack Del Rio's staff (as a tight ends coach) in Carolina, where another former BC line coach, Mike Maser (1981-93) is the Panthers' offensive line coach.

Del Rio is the Jacksonville head coach. How good does it make you feel to know that the beat writer for the Patriots on the most prestigious paper in your city doesn’t know the head coaches in the NFL?