Well, the streak was short-lived. The Sox lost 11-6 earlier today. If you want to get your minds on some football, Peter King has a chat with draft prospect Willis McGahee, and talks about the possibility of the Pats trading down, picking up “even more ammo” and still end up with him (if they want him).

Interesting debate on the tagboard earlier about whether you catch the games on FSNE or on the national feed (e.g. ESPN). Could be worse, you could have neither option, as the Indy Star reveals is the case for Pacers fans this evening. Of course, there’s always NBA TV. Speaking of which, a bit of news to those who might follow this website but not live in the immediate FSNE-served area and might rely on digital cable (and League Pass) to follow the C’s. Because TNT and ESPN are busy showing other games, the Celtics-Pacers game is scheduled for NBA TV, which up until this weekend was not available to digital cable customers due to a licensing fee dispute between the NBA and cable TV operators (see Marc Stein’s article a few weeks back about this outrage). However, I received an email over the weekend indicating that the NBA has reached a tentative agreement with a couple of major cable operators (including Comcast) to add NBA TV to the digital cable lineup on a “free preview basis,” starting yesterday, and ending two weeks from today, May 5. According to a Comcast executive I spoke with today, this is a limited-time only thing, and is not guaranteed to be in place next season. In addition, this is available to all digital cable customers in Comcast-served markets, not just those who subscribed to League Pass. At least those customers will not miss any playoff games now though.