Mike Fine writes a pretty grim article on the Celtics playoff chances and future. He comes pretty darn close to knocking Jim O’Brien as well. Jim Fenton recalls Celtics playoff villains of the past, (Rodman, Laimbeer, Chuck Person, Ralph Sampson) and wonders if we’ll have a new one in the next couple weeks in Ron Artest. Jeff Thomas looks at the season ending victory last night. Gary Fitz has more on the Celtics gearing up for the playoffs.

Del Jones says to enjoy last night’s victory while you can, because with that bullpen, there may not be many nights where things are that smooth. Garry Brown looks at a couple of Sox slumps coming to an end. Alan Greenwood looks at the late inning magic last night. Greenwood’s notebook looks at Grady getting a little tired of the negative media.

David Pevear says no, Belichick “was not being Ari Fleischer. He probably really just does not know” who is going to be available to him the draft. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots and their draft options. Chris Kennedy takes a further look at the choices facing the Pats. Tom King says they’re doing a pretty good job of keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Mike Loftus says the Devils may be the ones asking questions now.