Eddie was back on today after having yesterday off and waited only 9 minutes to start ripping the Sox for letting it rain on Friday. OK…not quite, but he may as well have. Eddie claimed to have personally called all the meteorologists in town to ask how the weather would be opening day, and said they all told him there was no way they’d get the game in. Jags then told Eddie that the forecasts he saw all said there was a pretty decent shot the game would get played, as did the forecasts I saw. Eddie had no answer for that, so then along with Nick Cafardo moved on to knocking the Patriots for getting nothing for Tebucky Jones. He was a first round pick and they could only get a few late picks for him. That’s one way to look at it. Another way is that Jones wasn’t coming back here unless the Patriots severely overpaid him, and stated so to an NFL security guy at the Pro Bowl. Instead of just losing him for nothing, the Patriots slapped the franchise tag on him, and waited until someone would give them something for him so they wouldn’t let him get away for nothing. Which would have happened. An emailer asked Nick about his negative view on the Pats and about the Zone’s interview with Ron Konrad last week, they claimed to have had Konrad on to talk about the division, the problem is, no one can remember them talking about the division at all. Nick was clearly steamed by the email as he addressed it on both ends of a commercial break. Always fun to show how thin-skinned these guys really are.

They also had Bill Lee on for an hour to pitch his new book.

On The Big Show, Sean McAdam continued to defend his stance that Pedro’s comments after the option got picked up have been blown out of proportion, he seemed to target Gordon Edes as having taken the comments the furthest, somewhat surprising since Edes at times is a voice of reason. McAdam also made a dig towards Shaughnessy for his comments about Pedro coming from a dirt-poor country, insinuating that it should have an effect on Pedro’s contract demands. Interestingly, Ordway, who was so nasty and vociferous last week regarding Pedro, didn’t really challenge McAdam all that much. The other big event of the show was Pete Sheppard’s “exclusive” with Pat Burns, which was hyped, but ended up so underwhelming, I can’t recall a single thing from it.

John Tomase says the Red Sox fans are not the best in the country, in fact they’re among the worst. He outlines several incidents that are “symptomatic of a more pervasive nastiness that has intensified in recent seasons at Unfriendly Fenway.”

Some of you have asked how the job search is going…well, it’s not. The market is just horrific, and nothing the least bit promising has appeared. I remain unemployed, but in no immediate danger of fulfilling the dreams of Ordway and Shaughnessy and having to move into my parents basement…