OK…I finally have the results of the Mediamadness fan brackets that were sent in. I originally expected to get maybe 10-15 brackets from hard core readers. But with very little encouragement from me, you sent in about 70. Here are the compiled results. The screen is huge, so be prepared to do a lot of scrolling across the page. Beside each winner are the vote totals for that matchup. You might notice differing vote totals across the rounds, not everyone filled out every matchup. Some quit two rounds in. Quite a few picked the final matchup, but didn’t pick a winner. But the results are accurate.

A quick overview:

All four #1 seeds (Lobel, Ryan, Callahan & Ordway) advanced to the Final Four. Looks my seedings there were pretty good.

Bob Ryan beat Bob Lobel 28-19 in one Semi-final matchup, while Glenn Ordway knocked off Gerry Callahan 28-9 in the other.

Ryan then beat Ordway 18-11 in the Finals.

Others who got votes as winners of the tournament:
Bob Lobel (11)
Gerry Callahan (5)
Bill Simmons (2)
Sean McDonough (2)
Gary Tanguay/Greg Dickerson (2) No winner was picked on either ballot, both of which had those two meeting in the finals, and were sent from FSNE email.
Eddie Andelman (1)
Sean McAdam (1)
Tony Massarotti (1)
Ted Sarandis (1)