Media Madness Final

Bob Ryan (1) vs. Glenn Ordway (1)

Somehow we knew it would come to this matchup, didn’t we? Quite a few thought Lobel would’ve been in here, but it just didn’t work out that way. This matchup presents two of the most powerful figures in the Boston sports media, each with their own strengths. One veteran scout proclaimed of Ryan, “If I had to pick one person to be on a show with me, it’d be Ryan, you can just stick him in there, bring up a topic, and he’ll run with it. He’s been doing this longer than anyone else in town. TV, Radio, he’s done it all.” Ordway has similar abilities, but his strengths lie in bringing out the best in his teammates. Since losing out on the Globe talent pool, (including Ryan) Ordway has consistently been saddled with inferior talent on his daily radio program. He still maintains the highest ratings in his target audience. That being said, Ordway, while by far the best radio host in the area, is somewhat of a one trick pony. His occasional forays into Television (FSNE’s NE Tailgate for instance) are ok, but he clearly isn’t as comfortable before the camera as he is behind the mic. Ryan has a presence in radio, television and of course in the newspaper. The Big O is feisty and pulls out some of his old tricks, including lighting Ryan’s pants on fire. But it isn’t enough, as in rapid fire sequence Ordway is outgunned and overpowered in the end. Final Score, Ryan 87, Big O, 72.

(Just for clarification, I know Glenn didn’t light Johnny Most’s pants on fire, but it’s a fun myth)

More on the Rob Konrad/Patriots story is out there on

According to a source close to the contract negotiations that occurred between Konrad and the Dolphins, the Patriots supposed interest in Konrad was manufactured by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, as a bargaining tool for contract negotiations with Miami.

Specifically, we're hearing that Rosenhaus told the Dolphins that he had an offer in hand from the Pats for Konrad. The Dolphins then confirmed via a separate source that there had been no offer made at all by the Patriots..

They then go on to say:

Though we have no specific information regarding any conversations that occurred along the way between Konrad and Rosenhaus, Konrad's statements suggest that he, too, was led to believe that the Patriots' interest was stronger than it really was.

While of course, we have no idea whether this account of things is true, it does seem to make sense.

Eric McHugh has an interesting bit about a darkhorse running back the Patriots have invited to their May minicamp. He also looks the Pats interest in Oronde Gadsden

Think the Red Sox are the only team having major bullpen problems? Think again. John Collins recaps his experience trying out for the Red Sox PA position. He made it to the final 25, and had a try out at Fenway. Mike Fine looks at the new look Fenway (and Red Sox) set of opening day at the lyric little bandbox. Chaz Scoggins has a feature-type look at Sox super-prospect Kevin Youkilis. Rob Chimelis says that panic over the bullpen is still premature.

Buddy Thomas takes a few moments to rip the Celtics. When the subject of clutch shots comes up, Thomas characterizes “Pierce and Walker, a couple of tough scorers in the early going who tend to disappear when the going gets tough.” He says neither player is a clutch player, and neither ever will be. He describes how he sees the Celtic playbook down the stretch, and ends the column exhorting Chris Wallace to trade Walker. (This will make Buddy a hero among a certain group) This column is awful, and not just because I disagree with the premise. His premise may even be correct, but he resorts to the generalizations common among people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Reading it makes it clear that Buddy does not watch this team on a regular basis. Antoine more often than not makes sure Pierce gets the ball down the stretch, setting him up. He does not, as Buddy claims, down the stretch look to fire the ball up as soon as he crosses halfcourt. If Pierce & Walker struggle down the stretch because they’re constantly double or triple teamed, how can they be severely faulted for that? None of their teammates can be depended on to do anything on a consistent basis. Buddy must’ve missed all the clutch play in the playoffs last spring. Buddy doesn’t like Antoine, which doesn’t make him all that uncommon around here, but if he thinks just trading him away for anything you can get is the answer, he’s delusional.