A few notes:

Looks like the poll got “hacked” again. Last night it there was about 300 votes, and 80% said they were listening to WEEI less. Now there are 750 votes and it’s split almost 50/50. Today’s traffic is no higher than usual. I take this as a sign that I’ve made it here, people need to hack my little poll because they can’t stand to see what it is telling them. Someone must be pretty insecure to be doing that…

I hope to have the Mediamadness next round up tomorrow.

My job…many have asked what I did. I worked the last four years at New Hampshire Public Television. My position was eliminated due to “escalating expenses with diminishing revenues.” I worked in Information Technology. Jack of all trades, master of none. Did mostly desktop support on all versions of Windows, supported Microsoft Office products and worked on NT/2000 and Novell Servers. I was hoping to change career paths and find something related to what I’m doing here.

It appears Michael Felger was incorrect this morning in reporting Damien Woody’s salary this season as $375,000. From his NFLPA page, Woody is due to make $530,000 this year.