Quick Links today as it’s another busy day of Mediamadness results. The results from the first round which remain below will be pulled this morning and placed on the Archive page.

NCAA: Bob Ryan toots the horn of Boston as an NCAA site, and the Big East as a conference. Steve Bulpett and Michael Smith report on the Pitt victory over Indiana yesterday. Dan Shaughnessy touts the Pitt defense.Mark Blaudshun and Dan Ventura report on Syracuse advancing as well. Jackie MacMullan writes about a subpar performance from the all-world freshman, Carmelo Anthony. Old man Donaldson says the quality of play in the NCAA just isn’t what it used to be. There is a plethora of stories on NCAA hoops and hockey available on the Globe and Herald college sports pages.

Other than the NCAA’s, stories are scattered. Tony Massarotti looks at the Sox pitching staff starting to take shape. Steve Buckley gives us a free sidebar in which he talks to Jeremy Giambi about…what else…#25…formerly worn by Tony C. In his column that you have to pay for, Buckley writes about those glorious spring training bus rides. David Heuschkel says that Matt White’s pulled back muscle could be a blessing in disguise. Sean McAdam says the rainouts are preventing the Sox from getting their work done. Bob Hohler says that Grady Little likes Frank Castillo in the long relief role. Massarotti’s notebook has Jason Varitek supporting Casey Fossum. He also notes the Joe Kerrigan still refuses to talk to the Boston media…in case you missed it yesterday, Jeff Horrigan reported the following in his notebook:

Kerrigan, who worked on Phillies broadcasts in 2002, remains upset that a Boston Globe columnist wrote last season that he didn't return his leased company car after being fired. A top Red Sox official said yesterday, however, that blame should be placed on the club, which was supposed to provide a Philadelphia-area dealership to return the vehicle to, but forgot to do so until September.

I might be mistaken, but I think the columnist in question has curly hair. Kerrigan must not have figured out that Alex Speier was from the Boston media, as he spoke to him.

Mark Murphy looks at the Celtics as they struggle on the road to a lower seed. Shira Springer says gosh darn it, the Celtics are tired of losing. Murphy’s notebook looks ahead to the Jazz.

Michael Smith says Tebucky Jones isn’t sure of his future, or if he’ll attend the conditioning program yet. Kevin Mannix says no deal for Jones seems to be in the works.

John Molori catches up with Bob Lobel.