Once again, we need to go elsewhere to find Patriots news. First, Andy Kent of the Naples Daily News reports that fullback Fred McCrary will be signing a two year deal “worth lightly more per year than the $725,000 he was slated to make in San Diego”, with the Patriots. We’ll see if the Patriots now have to make a move, as Nick Cafardo said this week on the radio that the Patriots could not sign any more players until they cut or restructured someone. He was pretty certain that they spent all their money and had no room for further additions without freeing up money under the cap.

Next is something that could do just that, Len Pasquarelli reports on the NFL trade market, noting that Tebucky Jones heads the list. He reports that:

Word is that coaches Bill Belichick and Jim Haslett will get together at some point to see if they can hammer something out. Agent Gary Wichard and New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis are close enough to a contract accord that a five-year deal could be finished quickly if the teams agree on compensation. The groundwork has been laid for a contract that would pay Jones about $3.5 million per year. Haslett says Jones, who has yet to consistently play up to his physical potential, can definitely upgrade the Saints' secondary.

The article goes on to say that the Patriots could also keep all three safeties, as they use a lot of defensive sets in which all three would be on the field together.

Looking at the two stories, the conclusion could be made that the Patriots are waiting to announce the McCrary signing until they trade Jones, and thus have the cap space they need to make it official. We’ll see what happens.