A couple notes before we get into an abbreviated links:

Sports Final last night was something else. The entire show focused on the media. Shaughnessy and Buckley went after each other, Buckley and Edes went after each other. Shaughnessy called it a new low in sports television and that they set back TV 15 years. He was gone after that, and Lobel said jokingly (I think) that they had thrown him off the show. In some ways he was right, it’s not something I would want to watch all the time, but last night it was strangely enthralling. Buckley actually came off as sympathetic at times, though perhaps only because he was being opposed by Shaughnessy. I think Ghengis Kahn might’ve come off as sympathetic going up against Shaughnessy. Lobel mentioned me by name, but didn’t get any further, there appeared to be a groan in background when he said it. (Buckley?) You got a glimpse there of just how thin skinned and ego driven these guys are. They all did nothing but argue and whine. Not the “Knights of the Keyboards” finest hour…A few people in the tagboard are also saying that things were even uglier off-camera. If there are any “moles” out there that would like to supply details…send ’em in…

You’ve likely noticed a menu bar above this section of the page. I’ve added a few more pages to the site. The “National Links” page is a collection of newspapers, columnists and websites from around the country. Please email me with those that I know I’ve omitted. The center section is an updating news feed with links to articles from around the country. I’ve also added a faq page and an archive page. The archive page should be handy as it contains links to past editions of Boston Sports Media Watch (Only complete from November to present. I’ve got some issues with earlier archives) Guest columns and my Boston Metro columns are also included in the archives.

Jackie MacMullan has the second of her three part series on Yao Ming. The first part was yesterday. Mark Murphy has a much more brief look at Yao. Shira Springer takes a quick look ahead to tonight’s game. Murphy provides a few Celtics related items in his notebook.

David Heuschkel writes about the possibility of the Sox honoring Roger Clemens in this, likely his last season. He also touches on the possible retirement of the # 21 jersey. Bob Hohler looks at longshot catching prospect Chris Coste. Tony Massarotti writes about new Sox hitting coach Ron Jackson. Dan Shaughnessy says Jason Varitek is ready to bounce back with a big year. Jeff Horrigan and Steven Krasner look at outfielder Adrian Brown, who initially wanted no part of the Red Sox. Hohler’s notebook has Benny Agbayani dreaming of Japan, while Horrigan’s notebook has Grady Little trying to find a spot for everyone. Jim Fennell has a new name for Larry: locked lips Larry because he won’t come out with a decision on allowing minor league baseball in Manchester. Brian Fleming says Pedro is not just any pitcher…you pick up his option AND extend his contract…and soon.

Nick Cafardo reports on the Patriots aiming to lower their salary cap number by the end of the week. Tom Curran answers questions on DirecTV, Greg Dickerson, Steve Zabel and draft prospects in his Patriots Mailbag.