Jim Donaldson joined Dale & Neumy. I managed to listen for about five minutes as Donaldson and Neumeier engaged in a “who can be more pompous” contest…One of the topics they debated was the premise that the NFL draft isn’t as important as it once was. Donaldson says it isn’t as important because of free agency, Neumeier says it’s more important because with the salary cap, teams need to fill out their rosters as well as rebuild with young, cheap players. Dave Jageler was joined by Mike Ratte as Eddie continues his vacation. It made for a comfortable listen. They talked Celtics, Fenway Renovations, and tickets.

The McDonough group had the Touchback Twins, Borges and Cafardo on with Sean. Cafardo said that the Krafts need to “get their house in order” and that the Patriots will be going down before they go up again. He also made the Cowboys his early SuperBowl pick for next year. He also doesn’t understand the big deal being made about the Patriots hiring a QB coach. Sean interjected noting he doesn’t think anyone is making a huge deal out of it…then Borges said “the Herald guy” was trumpeting the hiring as a huge deal…

Sean also said he doesn’t appreciate Larry Lucchino “making snide remarks” about him on another radio station. A look at the transcript (linked in the morning post) doesn’t show any snide comments that I see.

ESPN launches its new reality series “Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Trip” at 8:00 on Sunday. A quote from Walton to look for is:

“I used to have options. I used to be able to soar,” he said. “(But) I turned 50. I had 32 operations, an endless chain of stress fractures, and I have two fused ankles. … But I can still play better than Vin Baker.”


Edward Cossette has an interesting take on Callahan’s article today. Alan Greenwood says the changes to Fenway aren’t really going to please anyone. The people who want a new ballpark as well as the “Save Fenway lunatic fringe” are not pleased with the additions. Michael Parente and Eric McHugh report on the Patriots new QB coach. There are also reports coming in that Hufnagel has quite a daughter as well…Mike Fine gives us an update on Antoine Walker. Mike Loftus says that the Bruins need to cut down on penalties.