Another day of “Guess the sports figure I’m thinking of” on WWZN. Riveting programming. I guess it’s better than “bash the Red Sox GM and ownership”.

Bill Simmons’ article today is very funny…sounds like he’s enjoying life in LA. We get to hear about some of the writers he’s working with on the show, and the tangents one of them in particular goes into. The only downer of the article is that Simmons has an Eddie Andelman-like view of Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino. If Simmons knew that was what Eddie has been saying over and over, I’m guessing he might rethink his position. Rob Bradford has an article on Antoine Walker cheering for his high school teammate Donovan McNabb this weekend. They also went to school with Simeon Rice of the Bucs. Chad Finn says it’s a good thing that the Red Sox didn’t get Bartolo Colon. Del Jones examines how a new breed of coach is in these conference championship games. Jeff Thomas has another look at J.R. Bremer.