WEEI has updated its Audio Vault to include the interviews of people remembering Will McDonough on Friday. Bill Parcells, Bob Ryan, William Bulger and Red Auerbach among those interviewed.

Dale & Neumy had NFL playoff talk, and Dale was asked by a listener to pick between Pennington, Brady and Vick, as they are right now. Dale doesn’t think there is enough information available to make such a decision. Neumy would take Vick first, then Brady, then Pennington. They also broke the story of John Grahame being traded to Tampa Bay for a 4th round draft pick.

Eddie did indeed talk about Yao Ming today. (Or is it Ming Yao?) Another topic that was hot was the Pennington/Brady comparison. Eddie says he would take Pennington. He’s a better leader, reads defenses better and throws the ball down the field better than Brady does. (all according to Eddie) An hour after WEEI had news of the Grahame trade, WWZN finally had the story, and Jageler and Eddie had a good laugh over it, saying how inept Bruins management is, that’s a bag of pucks they just traded their starting goalie for, etc. Eddie did address my point that he would be upset that the new Celtics owners are trying to increase revenue by adding seats and taking away ones from the writers. He says its a totally different situation because the Celtics aren’t taking away from the playing surface. (Doesn’t cover why Eddie is upset with the seats on the Green Monster and the taking over of Yawkey Way.)

WWZN will have a Will McDonough special at 7:00 tonight.

Ron Hobson reflects on the weekend of football. Peter King recaps his week, including when he found out from Dale Arnold that Will McDonough had died.

A story by Travis Barrett seems to shed some light on the Grahame trade today.

Ray Duckler caught up with Bob Tewksbury at the New Hampshire baseball dinner to pick his mind on the Red Sox staff. Rob Chimelis is fascinated by the idea of a bullpen without a closer.