The FSNE New England Sports Tonight crew is already labeling this the “winter of discontent”. The Bruins gave merit to that sentiment with another loss, 5-2 to the Maple Leafs. Steve Conroy has the details of the game and the losses other than on the scoreboard. A third flurry of three Toronto goals in just under two and a half minutes in the third period broke open a 2-2 game, and that left the Bruins stunned, according to Nancy Marrapese-Burrell. Marrapese-Burrell also reports on Captain Joe Thornton’s infected elbow…a weird ailment if there ever was one. He didn’t even bang it loading the dishwasher like Dustin Hermanson. Conroy’s notebook picks up on the theme, and also discusses the loss of Rob Zamuner, who broke his foot last night. Zamuner is also the subject of Marrapese-Burrell’s notebook, and she also adds a brief update on Kyle McLaren.

As for the other struggling winter team, they embark starting tonight in New Orleans, on as killer a four game swing as you’ll see in the NBA. After tonight’s game with the Hornets, they play all three Texas teams. Michael Vega huddles with the team as they prepare to try “to get it done the hard way” against four of the league’s better teams. Mark Murphy reports that the Jim O’Brien just feels the Celtics have to take better quality three point shots. Carolyn Thornton asserts that the road is a good place for some serious soul searching for this team. Michael Muldoon files a notebook that at times is wicked in subtle shots. Murphy’s notebook looks at the banged up Tony Battie, who will be needed desperately during this trip.

Bob Hohler says that Sox hope to get Colon, Kevin Millar, and David Justice added to their roster. According to Hohler, Millar could split time with Giambi at first, and Justice could be this years babysitter for Manny. Michael Silverman reports that the Boston/Montreal trade is still in a standoff, and suggests that Larry Lucchino may up the pressure on the Montreal management soon. (Then Will McDonough can claim credit for the trade being made, right?) John Tomase looks at the Yankees $165 million dollar roster and sees plenty of holes. Hohler and Silverman also each report on the Hall of fame balloting which again left Jim Rice out in the cold. WHDH had a Gary Gillis segment with Peter Gammons on its sportscast yesterday, who said that Rice will “breeze through” when it comes to the veteran committee.

Michael Felger reports on Otis Smith having surgery to repair a pectoral muscle and that he fully plans to return next season, and possibly several more, with a move to safety not out of the question. Felger also reports that Ted Johnson may stick around if they can come to terms on reducing his cap number. According to Felger “there is willingness on both sides to continue their relationship.” Now why would Johnson stick around, if as Ron (genius) Borges tells us over and over, that Johnson is one of many who have huge problems with Bill Belichick? And why would Belichick want him around if that is the case? Nick Cafardo also squeezes out 182 words on Smith. Philadelphia raised Michael Gee reports on a rarin-to-go Donovan McNabb. Joe Burris looks at the Steelers rallying around their new leader and messiah, the ex-XFL GB Tommy Maddux.

In John Molori’s Media Blitz this week, he confesses his undying love for Bill Parcells. He also calls Bill Belichick “satan” and says that “He cannot be trusted and his Super Bowl trophy was forged with the metal of Parcells