The Genius is back at it. Ron Borges sets out again to drive Bill Belichick out of town. Telling us all that Belichick “utterly failed” this year, and that anyone with half a brain could’ve seen the troubles this team was in for. He goes after him for not spending money on quality free agents, he attacks Tom Brady by saying:

“The wisdom of relying on a young quarterback’s production seemed particularly suspect when one considers that while Brady’s 28 touchdown passes tied his predecessor Drew Bledsoe for second-best in Patriot history, only seven of them came in the team’s seven losses.

Brady threw 21 touchdown passes and only five interceptions in New England’s nine victories, including 11 TDs against defensive weak sisters Chicago, Buffalo, and Minnesota, but had only seven touchdowns and nine interceptions in the losses.”

What a way to twist numbers to make them appear to be to his advantage. I wonder if Borges was that particularly idiotic caller to the Dale & Neumy program yesterday asserting that Brady was dreadful and tried to make the exact case that Borges does above. He was shut down with statistics showing that that sort of ratio is the norm among NFL QB’s. How about these stats from Borges’ idol, Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe threw 15 touchdown passes and zero interceptions in Buffalo’s eight victories, including 7 TD’s in two games against “defensive weak sisters” Chicago and Minnesota, but had only nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions in the losses. So Bledsoe threw nearly half of his TD total in victories in TWO games. Brady threw half of his in four games, while Borges attempts to make it look like three, not mentioning that they played Buffalo twice. Other QB’s have similar numbers. Brett Favre is almost identical (slightly worse, even) to Brady: Wins -21 TD’s, 7 INT’s, losses: 6 TD’s 9 INT’s. How about Steve McNair? Wins – 16 TD’s, 4 INT’s. Losses – 6 TD’s, 11 INT’s. Borges is nothing but an agenda-driven fraud. He’s a genius alright. Draft David Terrell over Seymour or Belichick is an idiot. Belichick is an idiot for sticking with Brady over Bledsoe last season. Rams will win the Super Bowl 73-0. A number of readers have been collecting the factual errors that he puts into his columns, the Globe has had to print a number of retractions in response to things that Borges has written, usually they’re buried where you’re not going to see them. A few have sent them in to me, and I lost a few of them when I had a computer upgrade a couple months ago. If you’ve got them still, send them to me again, it might be fun to put up a page full of them…

Elsewhere, a couple more even-keeled Patriot wrapups are given by Tom Curran and Alan Greenberg. Over at the Herald, Michael Felger has a look at things that need to be addressed in the offseason. Kevin Mannix hands out his report card for the final game, hands out a lot of generous grades considering that the team really only cranked it up the final ten minutes of the game. Jim Donaldson repeats his rant from FSNE last night, where he said this team is closer to 6-10 then it is 10-6. Michael Parente suggests that the Patriots should’ve targeted the whole season, not just September. Bill Burt credits the win Sunday to the appearance of the Super Bowl Trophy on Saturday. Rich Thompson catches up with a couple disappointed Patriots. Tim Weisberg is confident that Belichick will right the ship. Hector Longo writes that the team showed its character finally. Nick Cafardo reports that Tom Brady won’t need shoulder surgery in the offseason. George Kimball writes about the team knowing where to assign the blame. Christopher Price wraps up the season. Cafardo’s notebook looks at falling ice at Gillette and Felger’s notebook looks at Brady vowing to not let down in his enthusiasm ever again.
The Globe’s story on Bill Parcells likely going to Dallas by Will McDonough and Nick Cafardo has a strange sentence, after laying out the terms, the source is described as having “personal knowledge of Parcells’s thinking”. How nice. Are they employing psychics at the Globe these days? Mind readers, perhaps?

Steve Buckley attempts to stir up Boston fans’ paranoia of New York. Yawn. Surprised that postcard didn’t come back postage due when he mailed it in to the Herald.

Tony Massarotti reports that the Red Sox may be close to a deal with third baseball Bill Mueller, and has some updates on trade talks with the Expos. Bob Hohler takes a good look at Mendoza, the bullpen and the Yankees. An article in the ProJo has no name attached to it, (McAdam, perhaps?) but it looks at the Red Sox/Yankees feud and reminds us: “Boston has not won it all since 1918.” Gee, thanks for that vital bit of information. David Heuschkel writes about the latest edition to the Red Sox bullpen. Massarotti likewise has a brief piece on Mendoza.

Jim Baker looks at the Sunday Patriots coverage. Bill Griffith has Phil Simms’ thoughts on the Patriots and a look ahead to the Bowl games. Joe Sullivan doesn’t like Tommy points, and says good thing hitting doesn’t involve hustle or Manny would be in trouble. Is that a joke? What defines hustle? Hours of extra batting practice and film study of at-bats and of opposing pitchers? Is that hustle, or is hitting simply a skill that you don’t have to “try hard” to be good at? John Molori examines why college sports are not covered by the Boston sports media.

FSNE has Celtics/Grizzlies at 2:00. ESPN2 has Spurs/Wizards at 8:00.