A lot of Celtics talk on both sports radio stations today. Dennis & Callahan had Chris Wallace on, Dale & Neumy had Steve Bulpett and Tommy Heinsohn as guests, and the Big Show with Glen Ordway had the baseball dudes of Buckley and McAdam, and planned to have Heinsohn and Mike Gorman on together later on. The McDonough Group had Sean, Bill Simmons, Kip Lewis and Steve Burton. While talking Patriots, Simmons and Burton were pro-Belichick, while McDonough and Lewis think the jury is still out as to whether he is a good coach.

The worst kept secret around WWZN will be revealed after the Celtics game tonight, when as reported by John Molori and Jim Baker yesterday, Jimmy Myers will host “Celtics Rewind” until midnight. I say the worst kept, but in reality, they did a pretty good job at keeping it concealed, since Myers was hired in August…

Mike Fine looks at the Celtics on opening night. Jim Fenton says for better or for worse, here they are. Rob Bradford wonders if the Dynamic Duo is going to be enough for this team, and looks at the rest of the roster. Tim Weisberg examines the roster and the increased expectations. Michael Muldoon looks at J.R. Bremer. Bill Simmons has a look at the Western Conference.

I’m trying to figure out Mark Farinella’s column today. He says he’s never been too fond of Bledsoe personally, but at the same time he hopes he shreds the Patriots and sends them to their 5th straight loss. He also is of the opinion that this team is cooked and will not be a playoff contender. Eric McHugh emphasizes the pass rush for Sunday’s matchup with Drew. Bill Burt says the problems are on defense. Len Pasquarelli notes that for the second straight year, the Patriots are 3-4, but for different reasons. ESPN.com has a Pro Football Weekly Patriots report.

If you need to feel a little better you can read Steve Serby in the NY Post describe how New York has become the new “Loserville”, or as he puts it, “the Rotten Apple”.