A fairly entertaining midday on Sports Radio, Eddie and Jags were joined by Nick Cafardo, and Dale & Neumy had the Touchdown twins onboard. On the former program, Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light was in for his weekly appearance and Eddie was urging callers to cheer Matt up. One caller managed to succeed by asking Light just what is that thing on Drew Brees’ face. That did the trick in making Light smile, he then proceeded to tell a few stories regarding it, about going to the Caribbean with Brees and women always coming up to him trying to wipe it off, saying he had sand on his face. Light also talked about a scheme he had to sell them at Purdue games. Pretty funny. Over on WEEI, talk was a bit more serious, but informative. Stats were examined to show the top rushing teams in the NFL and the top Passing teams and how those teams are faring in the standings. They also discussed defensive stats, for rushing and passing. Teams that can run and stop the run are clearly the tops in the NFL.

Michael Felger and Steve DeOssie are in as the sidekicks to Glen Ordway this afternoon. Talk of Felger and DeOssie’s TV appearances dominated much of the first hour, along with talk about the upcoming game with the Packers. (Felger’s favorite team) The second half of the show morphed into a discussion about the Paul Pierce trial and the aspects involved about intimidation and the witnesses (including Pierce) backing down on the stand in fear. Should he and the others be prosecuted for perjury for not testifying fully against the suspects? This debate filled much of the rest of the program. On the McDonough Group, Sean had Mike Giardi, Mike Smith and Pete Brock in. Some “I told you so” going on with Giardi and McDonough who predicted before the season that the Patriots might struggle. McDonough picked an 8-8 finish, and Giardi commenting that he didn’t think before the season that the team could ride the lack of respect theme for another year. It also appears WWZN streaming audio is unavailable, at least to me. (Again)

Eric McHugh comments on Bill Belichick’s dour mood yesterday. Glen Farley says there’s no rhythm, just blues these days for the Patriots. McHugh’s notebook points out the lack of urgency by the Patriots. Johnathon Comey says nothing comes easy in the NFL. Mike Fine has Paul Pierce ready for basketball after the stress of the trial of his accused attackers. Jim Fenton looks at the Celtics point guard candidates. Bill Simmons is rambling. Gregg Easterbrook submits another Tuesday morning quarterback column. An interesting report out of Milwaukee has the Packers so depleted at DB last night that Terry Glenn was being prepared to go in: “The Packers were down to four healthy defensive backs by game’s end. It got so bad that Sherman said wide receiver Terry Glenn was being coached to go in at cornerback.”

Peter Gammons on ESPN News this afternoon when asked about the Red Sox GM job once again floated the darkhorse name of Sandy Alderson, who Gammons says has always wanted to work in Boston and wants one more chance to run a team. Boston would be his dream job.