WWZN pretty much stayed away from the Manny stuff, but it was brought up occasionally…until Mr Dramatic, Steve Burton showed up with Nick Cafardo and Tim Hasselbeck. Burton tried to build this thing up and stir things up into a frenzy, then Gordon Edes called in from Tampa, and after making reference to Michael Felger as a “knucklehead”, (told Nick he was amazed that some knucklehead said Nick didn’t report the facts) Gordon called the Manny thing a “non-issue”, and “piling on”. It was harmless, it was not a case of disrespect.

Burton talked about Manny being the last one to take his place in line, and “fiddling and diddling in the dugout.” Edes said that Manny joined them in a minute or two, He was there, he saw it, he looked to see who was there. Edes asked if people are making a big deal about when Manny walked out there, Burton said yes, that Manny should’ve been the first one out there. Edes said he’s been critical of Manny for things in the past, such as the incident the other day, but “now we’re piling on, to say that Manny was indifferent to this whole thing.” He remembers “turning to Steve Krasner when Manny was walking out with with his emergency worker, and Manny started twisting and limbering up, and we just looked at each other and said ‘What a goofball’ but that’s as far as it went, it wasn’t a show of disrespect or anything. He stood there on the baseline for 20 minutes just like the rest of the club” while the General spoke. “At 9:11 PM he stood at attention on the field for the moment of silence just like everyone else. I mean, c’mon, now it is getting to the ludicrous stage.”

Burton went back to when Manny was walking out with the firefighter, and asked if Manny went ahead of the firefighter. Edes replied: “I’ve heard this thing where he was supposedly a step and a half in front of the firefighter. That’s ridiculous. When he started limbering up a little bit, yeah he probably pulled ahead of the guy, but when they got to the basepath, he did say something to the guy when they were at the baseline.” Edes got a call from his sports editor this morning, asking “What is this?” Edes said he assured him, “We were watching.” Burton challenged Edes about if Manny was behind the rest of his teammates, once everyone was lined up out there. Burton said emphatically that Manny was lagging behind, Edes said if he was, it was only for a “matter of seconds. He got up there right with everyone else.” For all he knows, he was one of the last to get up there, and who knows what he was doing in the dugout the seconds before the thing went on. Edes again then said “this is a non-issue, it’s total piling on”.

Burton then said we’re gonna get the video and said they’ll show it to him next time they see him. (Sports Final?) Cafardo said he is in the middle on this, and said that if the Red Sox are in first place, no one looks at this sort of thing. Edes said Bob Ryan’s article today was right on. You can put up with a goofball when he’s hitting .336 with 28 HR and 90RBI despite missing a quarter of the season. Edes said: “I’m not saying you’re supposed to tolerate him disrespecting 9/11 because he’s hitting .340…what I’m saying is he didn’t disrespect 9/11” Then talked about some stuff Manny’s done in the past, including getting thrown out in the playoffs with Cleveland because he didn’t go all out on the bases. Edes said he’s gotten calls today, heard people talking, and it’s his (Edes) turn to sound like a player and say “C’mon people get a life.”

Burton didn’t get a life…he continued on…he added that he has sources that say Manny wants out of town, he feels the media has it out for him. Burton said he thinks the media has been fair to Manny. (Of course he does) and that the Red Sox are “working on something” to get him out. This is classic Burton. Pretend like you know something. Like the time he was hinting about the Red Sox players that he knew was on steroids.