Is there a worse possible on-air pairing than Eddie Andelman and Don King? The entire show has been predictably awful, Ron Borges, “The Colonel” and Larry Merchant have been paraded through. The show has been terrible. If anyone has enjoyed the show today, please let me know, I’d like to hear from you. Meanwhile, Bob Neumeier bumbled through his midday show, an e-mailer wrote:

“He’s had a vintage day today with a few beauts during the first 1:30 of his show from Smithfield — he just came out with “time in memorium.” Usually, Nooms screws up when he tries to show off his vocabulary, but more often than not, he betrays his shallow knowledge. He also knows surprisingly little about sports (the ponies excepted).You’re telling me that this guy gets the mid-day job, and a talent like Mike Adams has to sell cars?”

The McDonough group had Cedric Maxwell and Charlie Pierce on with Sean, a pretty decent combination. Jerry Remy called in and reported that Garces has cleared waivers and is not in the clubhouse, and an announcement on the roster move is expected later this afternoon. On WEEI’s “Big Show” open season on Grady Little continued, with Larry Johnson and Bill Burt joining the “Big O”. Once again they poked fun at Tony Massarotti, as well as Drew Bledsoe.

David Halberstam says despite the great seasons from the Yankees and Red Sox, if there’s a strike, he’s done.