Peter Gammons made his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Big Show this afternoon and said that the Expos will not be selling off or trading players. MLB would be foolish to do so. He thinks the Sox should try to get Ray Durham, he could bat second and split between playing second base and DH. He’s got great on base percentage and could team with Johnny Damon to have an amazing top of the order. Sox don’t have what it takes to get Millar from Florida, and Gammons isn’t that high on Lee. The situation in Boston is hard because there can be no down-time, the team has to be good every year, which makes it hard to reload. He likes Fossum better than some of the pitchers the Sox are rumored to be looking at, like Byrd or Rogers. They lack the postional prospects to complete deals, their only appealing positional prospect is Shoppach, but he is low in the minors. He really likes Ted Lilly and thinks that his injury is a huge break for the Red Sox in the Wild Card race. He thinks the Angels will fade, as they haven’t played the Sox or Yankees yet and rely too much on Eckstein and Erstad’s energy.

John Burkett on WWZN this afternoon claimed to not have heard anything about the clubhouse shouting incident reported by Greg Dickerson last evening. Gordon Edes who was co-hosting also said he had heard nothing about it.

Mike Port also came on to WWZN, priorities are starting pitching, relief pitching or a bat that can help on a daily basis. About Montreal, he said he doesn’t think MLB will tell them to dump players, he’s heard the talk, but not sure how accurate it is. It makes it interesting because each team really owns a piece of the Expos. He thinks many of the deal will go right down to the deadline, unless the perfect deal for both clubs is presented. Asked if the recent struggles make them more inclined to make a deal, Port said they need to first just try to get back to where they were. The team as now is capable of doing more. He would not blame Red Sox fans if they were upset for not improving the club, but at the same time doesn’t want to make a deal just for the sake of making a deal. Asked if they will take on payroll, Port said ownership has given the signal that they will, but it’s hard to know how much, as the situation isn’t there in front of them, but they have discussed “adding to the tab.” McDonough said he’s pulling for Port to get the GM job, and asked if Port feels any added pressure because of his situation, Port only said there’s no pressure, he just is trying to do the best job he can every day. He feels his performance shouldn’t be judged just on deals, but whether the team goes to the postseason. Deals are always there to be made, but they have to look at ones that are going to improve the team. Embree would’ve been a big factor this past weekend, but those things (injuries) happen. They’re targeting Monday as his return. Again brought up players coming back from injuries, Sanchez, Hermanson, Baerga as good “deals” for the ball club. Talking about Garces and his struggles, he indicated when the team is complete, They might want to get “Richard” some work, and ask him to do some Minor league time, but he can refuse it. (McDonough and Edes took this to mean that Garces could be released at some point) Port is confident that Fossum can do a good job in the starting rotation. Buttering up Port at the end, Edes was telling him he’s so good with words he asked him if he’s ever considered becoming a sportswriter.