The papers today are full of stories from the Ted Williams celebration last night. Gordon Edes gives the most detailed account of the evening’s festivities. Michael Siverman draws the same assignment for the Herald. Other Globe articles focus on events within the event. John Powers looks at Curt Gowdy’s role. Joe Burris looks at John Glenn. Steve Buckley says all this cryonics stuff will blow over and Ted will be remembered for his accomplishments, as he should be. Michael Gee rambles a totally incomprehensible column about the event. Bill Griffith gives a wrap-up of the NESN programming of the event, listing highlights.

A couple of my thoughts on the event…twice during the night I fond my thoughts coming back to Nomar. First, when Dom Dimaggio was speaking and talked about when they played for “meager one year contracts” and contrasted that with “today’s inflated, longterm, deals” I wondered what Nomar thought about his comments recently about fighting for the little leaguers, players often talk about how hard they’ve worked to make things better from the old days. Well, Dimaggio seemed to be disapproving of the ways things are today, and I wonder if that struck Nomar at all. The second time was watching Nomar speak and also when he was with all the other former Red Sox players, seeing Pesky put his arm around Nomar’s shoulders, I thought to myself, I hope Nomar knows he can never go and play for the Dodgers, or Angels (as Pete Sheppard says he will) when his contract expires. His place is here, he is a Red Sox for life, he is a part of all that history that was on display last night. Oh yeah, one other thing. Dick Radatz. Yikes. This guy is a heavy smoker too? I’m worried that the monster may not be long for this world.

Edes had a fine article above, but resorts to stereotyping Red Sox fans in his second piece of the day. Talking about the arrival of the Devil Rays to town, Edes writes: “But before a sky-is-falling mentality seizes a region that tends to throw in the towel long before the team it professes to love does, the schedule-maker has delivered an almost guaranteed remedy” The knights of the keyboard are the first ones to to fan the flames of panic when something starts to go wrong. If the fans are always throwing in the towel, why do they keep coming back? It was just an unnecessary line to add to the piece.

Onto Vin Baker and the Celtics. Bill Simmons gives the trade a huge thumbs down. Peter May says that this deal is an example of the wacky financial structure of the NBA. Can’t re-sign Rodney Rogers for 3 Million, but can take on Baker for 12 Million. Shira Springer looks at the happy Baker and the disappointed Kenny Anderson. Elsewhere, Mark Coffman also looks at the trade, as does Paul Doyle.

Nick Cafardo looks at the first day of Patriots Rookie camp. Tom Curran reports on the Pats signing their last remaining unsigned rookie, WR Deion Branch.

Bill Griffith’s second article today deals with FSNE re-upping with the Celtics to continue to carry their games for the next several years. He also had a section of assorted media notes. John Molori’s Media Blitz column this week focuses on coverage of the FleetBoston Classic, with some WEEI notes at the end.

Yesterday’s Diamond Notes by Peter Hedda Hopper Gammons give us more cause to wonder about Peter’s credibility. In a bit about the haggling over the sale price of the Mets he mentions: “In Doubleday’s eyes, he got double-crossed. Hey, he can look at the $700 million the Red Sox fetched. Are the Mets worth barely more than half the value of the Red Sox? Yuh, right.” What Gammons fails to mention is the Red Sox price included NESN and Fenway with the surrounding land. The Mets price is strictly for the ball club. He mentions the two prospects that the Reds would’ve gotten in a trade for Kenny Rogers and labels them an “outstanding trade”. David Espinosa, a former first round pick who is batting .245 in class A ball and has a messy contract thanks to agent Scot Boras. The second is Josh Hall, who has a 4.33 ERA in AA ball. At the end of the column he mentions Luis Garcia, whom the Indians got from the Cardinals for Chuck Finley. Mentions his “Sexsoneque power”. How come he never mentioned him for the two years he was in the Red Sox system? (He was part of the deal for Dustin Hermanson)

FOX25 has the first game and NESN the second of the Red Sox/Devil Rays doubleheader, at 1:00 and 7:00. ESPN2 has Cavs/Grizzlies Summer league ball at 2:00. TBS has Braves/Marlins at 7:00. HBO’s “Real Sports” tonight at 10:00 has three segments, a piece on a former mobster now coaching little league, a follow up on the Pentucket Regional School hazing incident on the football team, and a look at Tiger’s retiring broadcaster Ernie Harwell.