Eddie Andelman started his show on WWZN with Dave Jageler this afternoon, by yelling at the top of his lungs about the Red Sox. That Grady Little is a no-waves manager, and that he rests the guys for no reason. Bryant Nelson should never see the field. Little just tries to make everyone happy. He idolizes Jimy Willliams. Eddie is sick of the “good ship lollipop”. They’re scared to death of Manny and Pedro, of any problems. The owners are not running this business to win now, they are trying to make budget, trying to get goodwill. He likes Steinberg though. After his initial rant, Eddie moved onto his annual scavenger hunt, which will run all week. One of the next projects here will be a running collection of Eddie Andelman gaffes and rediculous statements. If you hear them, or remember some classics, send them in to Mediawatch@attbi.com.

On WEEI, Dale and Neumy mostly stuck to baseball, but did mention reading Mike O’Connell’s comments on NECN last night about only giving Thornton and Samsonov one or two year deals. Wonder where he read that? Towards the end of the show, they did take some time to taunt Pete Sheppard with a Fantasy report from CBS Sportsline.com that lists Tom Brady as the # 22 Quarterback in the NFL. The Big Show has Michael Felger and Larry Johnson along with Glen Ordway and the first topic was Mo. They also discussed “Sports Final” from last night with Burton getting on Mo, and Buckley getting after Shaughnessy a little bit.