Lenny Megliola writes today that John Henry Williams was indeed simply in Milwaukee to try to get money from MLB to allow them naming rights to the All Star Game MVP award after his father. The rest of the article discusses his baseball playing future.Michael Holley has a short column wondering how everyone involved hasn’t learned from ’94. Bill Reynolds has a random thoughts column.

Listening to Wallach and Dickerson on WEEI this afternoon, they’re talking about the looming player strike. A caller asked if they’ve heard anything positive from anyone about the situation, if anyone is hopeful. They both instantly answered “No”, Wallach added “Not a damn thing”. Well, the AP has an article that talks about a accommodation that the players union made to the owners–they’ve agreed to the concept of the worldwide draft.Wallach and Dickerson apparently don’t listen to their own radio station either, on Thursday, Peter Gammons opined that he thinks there will NOT be a strike, that the sides realize the disaster it would be if September 11 rolls around there is a work stoppage. He also went into the luxury tax that the sides are working, and that basically they’ve agreed on the concept of the tax, but are now haggling over the details. He thinks the sides are closer than many think on some of the major issues and that some of the other issues can be pushed to the offseason. It will be interesting to see if Gammons mentions any of this in his weekly ESPN column. Of course, anything Gammons says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s become the Hedda Hopper of baseball.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Blue Jays at 4:00…but you might do a double take at the screen. They’re scheduled to wear throwback uniforms, the Sox will be dressed as the 1948 Boston Royal Giants, the area’s best African American team from that era. If you’re desparate to see Tom Brady, you can see him in the Quarterback Challenge on CBS at 4:00.