Butch Sterns opened Sports Sunday urging Red Sox fans to stay away from the Tobin Bridge. After the Red Sox lowlights from today, Sterns moved to the All Star Selections. Focusing on the snubs of Damon and Urbina, which were followed by clips from the players involved. Nomar said everyone in the Big Leagues is an All Star. Sterns urged fans to head to MLB.com to vote Damon as the 30th man on the Squad.

The next section: “Reid between the lines” focused on a possible strike. Bob Ryan appeared talking about the money issues, that none of us can relate to the players complaints. Right now the sides seem very far apart, but neither side wants a strike. Mike Remlinger of the Braves, (and Plymouth MA) said teams should work harder on developing players, instead of whining about and trying to cut down the Yankees.

A brief blurb of World Cup soccer was followed by a small feature on New England Revolution (and MLS) leading scorer Taylor Twellman. 22 years old, accounted for half of the goals scored for the Revs, and a nice highlight of a Pele-Like Bicycle kick for a goal last week.

Jeff Horrigan was in studio next, While Damon and Urbina both deserved to be in, but the closers chosen can be understood. Sterns raised the point of Urbina not being selected being a good thing. Horrigan says Urbina is a guy driven by anger, this might be good. Damon is the Sox MVP, he should be on there. Sterns again urged fans to go to MLB.com to vote. Horrigan thinks Thome will win the vote. Reason for Red Sox optimism, pitching is great, healthy, good guys coming back. Reasons for negativity, none really.

John Henry Williams compared to Lisa Marie trying to sing in Vegas. Next, a series of Williams (Ted and John) clips with the song ” Baby give it up” played in the background, scenes taken from movies trying to show kids following in the step of their dads.
Last Blast…Terry Glenn. Interview in ESPN the Mag, admits to using Pot while with the Patriots, says that Parcells privately apologized for the “she” comment.