Tom Curran has a brief blurb confirming a story I’ve only seen mentioned in the Patriots Usenet NG. Charlie Weis had complications after surgery last week. Curran scooped the Boston writers. (again)

Kevin Paul Dupont and Michael Silverman continue to follow JHW as he prepares in Florida. No links needed. All you need to know is he’s doing this because of Sept 11th. It was a message to him that he needed to do something with his life. That something wasn’t using all the money he’s made off his dad to do something meaningful, but rather to use his dad’s name to get a fantasy camp week with the Sox farm team. The only good thing to come of this is that it ticks off the Boston media so much.

None of the Celtics writers can even venture a guess at what players might be available at #50. If they can put together their own mock drafts, why can’t they put in the effort to tell us who might fall to the Celtics?

NESN has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00.(ESPN2 nationally) TNT has NBA draft coverage starting at 7:00. Don’t look for the Celtics to come up until after 11:00 sometime. ESPN has Braves/Mets at 7:00.