Some NBA draft articles in the papers this morning, Steve Bulpett focuses on the Celtics being unwilling to spend money. This years Celtics ride could be the best for some time unless the Celtics get very lucky. Other articles in both papers mainly focus on breaking down the prospects, none of which is really interesting to Boston fans unless the Celtics somehow swing a trade.

Speaking of Bulpett, reader Dave writes in:

You wrote this on Friday…

“OK…I realize that the Celtics do not have a first round pick. But is anyone trying to find if they’ve been working out any players? Perhaps a foreigner to take a flyer on, or some player with an injury (Sam Clancy) or troubled past (Lee Benson) who might slip down to them at #50?”

Almost as if in response to your questions, this blurb appears in Steve Bulpett’s article in today’s(yesterdays now) Herald (ya think he’s reading? naahh…)

First, he quotes Chris Wallace: “We’re not even bringing anybody in to work out.” Then Bulpett writes:

“Even if things were to turn out fortuitously for the Celtics in the draft, there is absolutely no expectation of assistance this year. Thus, the club is more than willing to take a flier on a player with question marks.”

Hmm…that wording sounds *awfully* familiar. Coincidence? šŸ˜‰

I dunno, Dave.

Meanwhile, Manny returns tonight. “Duquette’s Folly”, as Bob Lobel dubbed him on Sports Final Sunday night, The Globe has articles by Bob Hohler and Joe Burris, while the Herald counters with Jeff Horrigan. Hohler’s is the best of the three, thus he gets the link. Michael Silverman drew the short straw and had to go cover John Henry William’s workout. At least the Herald has a picture of JHW carrying his own bag…something we know Roger Clemens wouldn’t do. Steve Buckley suggests a clown suit for JHW. Sean McAdam suggests things are looking up for the Sox. Bill Reynolds talks the Shaughnessy-induced doubters off of the bridge. Note to Sean and Bill…don’t you know all good members of the New England media are supposed to be writing about the “June Swoon” and that the curse has reared it’s ugly head again?

On a similar note… for those who love to insist about how often the Red Sox start fast and have had late season collapses, “Rough Carrigan” of the “Sons of Sam Horn” board gives a quick look at each of the last 20 Red Sox seasons.

John Molori broke the story yesterday of Dave Jageler being named Co-host with Eddie Andelman of the WWZN 12-3 show. Looks like it took 1510 less than 3 months to realize what Glen Ordway at WEEI figured out a long time ago. Eddie needs a straight man to keep him on-track. After discussions about Mexican food, wrestling and Senegal dominated recent shows, the need was apparent. Will Jageler be the new Dale Arnold?

I should have a page of Shaughnessy feedback up in the next week or so. Keep it coming in.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Indians at 7:00 (ATT3 in Western Mass) If I’m reading the Schedule right, it looks like the game will be on DirecTV and MLB Extra Innings as well. (FOX Ohio) TBS has Mets/Braves at 7:00.