The Media obsession with Manny Ramirez continues. The lynchmob is gathering. The charges are being spouted everywhere. No desire, Prima donna, doesn’t hustle, selfish, not a team guy, lazy. The radio guys are all worked up over it, the TV guys too. Bob Rodgers on NESN Sportsdesk this morning chuckles as he provides “your Manny update”. Michael Holley is a voice of reason. He observes:

“Now his methodical return from the minors is supposed to be more proof that Manny is a slacker. What’s closer to the truth is that Ramirez probably returned too early from his injury. He began playing Triple A games when he still should have been taking batting practice. As his Pawtucket average proves, his timing is a mess. People want him to come back and help the Red Sox when he can’t even help the PawSox.”

Raise your hand if you just *knew* Shaughnessy would soft-shoe the John Henry Williams story. Of course he does. JHW has provided Dan with access to Ted, and fed him scoops on his dad’s health.

Bill Griffith and Jim Baker both remember Jack Buck, and look forward to the weekend. Griffith has the names of some local figures who are nominated for ESPY awards in the upcoming July 10 ceremony.

OK…I realize that the Celtics do not have a first round pick. But is anyone trying to find if they’ve been working out any players? Perhaps a foreigner to take a flyer on, or some player with an injury (Sam Clancy) or troubled past (Lee Benson) who might slip down to them at #50?

FOX25 has Red Sox/Dodgers at 10:00. (ATT3 Western Mass) TBS has Braves/White Sox at 7:30. ESPN Classic has a George Steinbrenner SportsCentury bio at 8:00 and 11:00. Reviews of this feature have said that it is far too positive about him and doesn’t give proper attention to the dark side of George. Much of the weekends programming on ESPN will be devoted to women’s sports in honor of Title IX.

Tomorrow’s Sox game is the Fox National Game, and will be on 25 at 3:00. NESN will also have the Pawtucket game at 6:00.

Sunday’s Dodgers/Sox game will be on NESN at 4:00. ESPN has Cardinals/Cubs at 8:00.