Common, predictable themes through both sports radio stations today. Manny and John Henry Williams. The JHW thing was so embarassing to the WWZN crew of Burton, Borges and Smith that they asked the callers to contribute to a collection of the most shameful, embarrassing events in sports. Among the suggestions: Eddie Gaedel–the midget batting, the US Olympic Hockey team trashing their facilities in ’98, Free beer night, Victor Kiam and the “Patriot Missles” comment, Zeke Mowatt, and many others.

FSNE’s show tonight gave the “Sons of Sam Horn” something to cheer about. Sam was on the panel along with his WSKO 790 broadcast partner Andy Gresh. Horn made the point that Manny isn’t making these decisions himself simply because he isn’t the type to speak up on something. Someone tells him to do something, he does it. As was mentioned here before, Sam was a teammate of Manny’s in AAA baseball…their team won the AAA World Series. On the JHW thing, Dickerson thinks the Red Sox didn’t do their homework and just don’t know what they’re in for here. He called JHW an “absolute fraud”.