WWZN also had Mike Port on today. The main focus was the John Henry Williams topic. Port took the high road again, though he did say that he “did a double-take” when he first found out about it. He’s hoping that Williams is entering into this seriously and not just for kicks and attention. He reiterated that this was done out of the high regard for Ted Williama and all he’s done for the franchise. He brought up the same story he used on WEEI about the Raiders tight end who wanted to try baseball. Manny is expected back on Tuesday. He suspects someone has talked to Manny about the headfirst slide, but that in the heat of competition, the instincts take over and he could still likely do the headfirst slide. He also said some players have a fear of the feetfirst slide after seeing some break ankles sliding into bases. Sanchez should be ready after the All Star break. They’re talking to a lot of clubs about trades, they’ll see what happens. As regards the team slump, again, he team has faced a lot of good pitching and some guys are pressing now. Pedro’s situation does factor into their trade talks, they always look for starting pitching first. Again made the crack about the MLB offices still looking into the Clemens/Bonds situation.

Bob Lobel called in to admit he knew something about this. Williams had hired a personal trainer a year ago and bought a $25,000.00 pitching machine that he’s been working on for a year now. He first heard about it last winter and he dismissed it as rediculous.

Todays show is Steve Burton as host, Mike Dowling of channel 5 and Hall of Famer Kevin Paul Dupont. Thoughts…Burton would be better off on WEEI. He’s got the piercing, bombastic, mocking tone down perfect to fit in there. Doesn’t quite fit with WWZN’s “kinder gentler sports talk radio” image that they’re “raising the bar” for.