So The Kid’s kid wants to play for the Red Sox. Tony Massarotti scooped everyone by reporting in the Herald today about the probability of John Henry Williams, 34 in August, signing a minor league deal with the Sox in the next couple days. How weird is that.

Just as quickly, Massarotti falls back to the pack with his continued jabs at Manny. Today, he says that Grady Little and Buddy Bailey are liars. He says they’re covering for Ramirez. What does he base this on? His own eyes? Tony is an San Diego, with the Red Sox, yet he knows exactly every detail of what is going on in Pawtucket and now Syracuse. Pretty magical to be in both places at once. He continues his article by listing all the players who complained about being left in the minors too long. When they were doing that, Massarotti and others in town would rip them for complaining. Does he want Ramirez now to whine and complain and ask to be brought up? I’ll take Manny when he’s ready to play. It’s still only been 5 weeks since the injury, and Dr. Morgan stated at the time that it would likely be 6 weeks before he was ready to return. By these standards, Manny is ahead of the game.

Jackie MacMullan’s headline writer must’ve been trying to tease the readers by the title of her article, which indicated an in-depth comparision between Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. In reality, there’s very little of that. Much of the article is composed of quotes from Charles Barkley about Tiger. Michael Holley with an interesting mini-feature on Johnny Damon. By the way, if you’re interested in some of the details about Holley leaving the Globe, moving to Chicago and then coming back a couple months later, here’s an article from that time period with some details. Check out John Morlori’s latest “Media Blitz” column in which he reaffirms that FSNE’s “New England Sports Tonight” is merely Sports Radio on TV.

In other events, I should have an original article of my own on here in the next day or two. Any reader with a legal background who might be able to provide some tips on copyright and libel laws, please zip me an e-mail…

NESN has Red Sox/Padres at 10:00. TBS has Tigers/Braves at 7:30. ESPN Classic is showing a 1985 NCAA tournament game between Boston College and Duke at 9:00.