Don’t know if it is just this connection, but the WEEI internet feed has been in and out all day, and inaccessable from here for most of the time. Eddie Andelman had Tony Maz, and he got a guy to propose to his girlfriend of a year and half in exchange for luxury box tickets to the Celtics game six tomorrow night. I don’t quite understand the optimism by the media members locally regarding the Celtics, Eddie and Tony both think the Celtics will game six, Dale Arnold said “I think they win game six….Home court is a big deal”. What reasons are there for optimism? What signs are out there that anything is going to change? The Nets have *dominated* the Celtics, who have been unable to prevent quick starts or make any game to game adjustments. None of these people are giving any reasons for their optimism, in fact, the lack of strategy talk on the air is pretty mystifying.

Peter Gammons came on for his weekly visit on the big show, and much of the conversation centered around Shea Hillenbrand and Alfonso Soriano — how impressive each of them is. How much improvement they both have made in their second season. A lot of gushing. He also mentioned that Dustin Hermanson could miss the entire season with his “groin pull”.