So here’s the Affleck/Merloni summary: Affleck called from an airplane and said it meant alot to him to clear this up. Merloni was calling from Skydome. Affleck: “Lou, I completely apologize…I was a knucklehead…shooting my mouth off…just was talking out of envy” Lou answered: “I appreciate it…I’m glad we got this cleared up.” Affleck then offered to do something to make it up, to do something for charity for him, said he was going to send him a copy of all his movies but then he read in the paper that Lou hates them all. (reference to Merloni’s quote in the paper) He didn’t imagine that anyone would even listen to what he had to say. He said he should’ve been smarter about it. McDonough said he didn’t stop him because he’s known him long enough to know that he was kidding about it all. Lou said he felt like he’d give a little jab back by putting down Ben’s movies. Lou said he’d check out the new movie and he thought it’d be ok. (laughs) Ben ended up saying he’d take Lou out to dinner and set him up with a supermodel or something. Lou said he’d put his boys on a leash and keep them from going after Ben. Ben ended up asking for a Merloni jersey. Lou laughed at that and said they’d set something up.