Red Sox/Yankees tonight from Fenway.(7:00 Fox25) Pedro Martinez on the hill, facing Ted Lilly. The only game in town. (Unless you want to watch Hurricanes/Maple Leafs at 7:00 on ESPN)

Dan Shaughnessy says “Gone are the drones who tried to suck all the joy from baseball in this town.” Note to Dan: You’re still here. Who’s bright idea was the “Curse of the Bambino?” Who’s personal e-mail address reflects his pride in creating that “curse’? Who does Pedro Martinez single out in interviews when reflecting his disgust of media members who try to stir up their readers with fear, negativity and curses?

Karen Guregian does her best to continue the media flap and hysteria about Manny getting his rehab done in Florida. Bob Neumeier also tried to make it a controversy, but as Dale Arnold pointed out, this Doctor in Florida was chosen by Dr. Morgan — The Red Sox team Physician — to do the work with Manny. Neumeier and other media windbags continue to just try to drum up trouble and say that Manny should be here, playing cheerleader. Funny how none of the media types remember that Larry Bird never sat on the bench when injured. He couldn’t stand to watch the game in person without playing.