Pedro Martinez appeared on “The Big Show” this afternoon. He mentioned the huge difference between this year and previous years. Jimy was “rough” to play for at times. There could be no joking around and having a good time. He was told not to wear Rich Garces’ pants anymore because he was embarrassing the balllcub. He was pressured to pitch last year at 70 or 80 percent, which wasn’t right. Carl Everett was not the big problem on the team last year, injuries were. Grady Little is wonderful to play for, this team is loose, has fun together, goes out to dinner as a group. He talked about people who come in and only want to ask about the negatives….what about the Yankees…they’re only 1 game behind….Ordway said “that was a pretty good Shaughnessy impression”…Pedro laughed and said “How did you know who that was?” He said the power of the pen is too much power, a player might not want to talk one day, and he gets ripped by the media. Some reporters will not give up, just will push and push and push…he said the media did that to Carl Everett. Ordway asked “Are you really saying the media was responsible for his actions…he headbutted an umpire!” Pedro said some of it was. Headbutting the umpire was wrong, but Carl got upset because he cared about that at-bat. The media would come in and press his buttons. (imagine that) Pedro said all year is going to be a test for him, for learning about his shoulder and protecting it and keep healthy. He doesn’t want any “downtime” this summer. He’d like to fade back so that the media’s attention isn’t focused on analysing every pitch, every inning, every game…is Pedro ok…is he hurting…He likes that Derek Lowe is taking attention from him. He was funny when Ordway presented him with the expensive noise blocking headset that Big Show guests receive. He said he would put them on “when Shaughnessy or Johnny Miller come up” to him….”unless they come up as friends” he added.