Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. The ride continues. The TBS broadcasters didn’t seem too happy with that, as Hubie Brown appeared to be clearly on the side of the Pistons during the game. Must be from all those times the Celtics pounded his Knicks in the 80’s. At Halftime of the Lakers/Spurs game, Charles Barkley of “Inside the NBA” admitted he was wrong about picking the Pistons to beat the Celtics. He then predicted that the Nets would beat the Celtics and go to the NBA finals. He said his man Jason Kidd would not let him down. FSNE had the always excited Tommy Heinson working his usual magic with the officials. Either Tommy is influencing Celtics viewers into thinking the Officials are really worse than they are, or the officials really are bad. Heinson did give out some sympathy for Piston’s star Jerry Stackhouse who was battling a sinus problem and was ineffective. Tommy said watch for Stackhouse to get roasted in the media. Many Celtics fans have felt that they’re getting the short end on the calls. In the closing minutes of the game and after the game, debris could be seen raining down on the Celtics as they left the court, at halftime, a fan apparently dumped a beer on Erik Strickland as he walked through the tunnel. The Globe reports that apparently, the fan was not punished for this action. After the game, Mike Gorman was clearly emotional in talking about how far this team has come. He also thinks this team can and will get better. Their best play may be ahead of them. The extended FSNE postgame included interviews with Lester Connor, Kenny Anderson, Eric Williams and Tony Delk, as well as coverage of Jim O’Brien’s press conference. (The Herald’s Michael Gee in his question to O’Brien asked about the team’s “allaroundedness”) ESPNNEWS covered the O’Brien and Rick Carlisle press conferences as well. NECN’s Sports Late Night featured an interview with Kenny Anderson.

WEEI listeners were “treated” this morning to the sound of Jon Meterparel singing the entire vocals of Pink’s “Get the party started”– the tune used in many NBA commercials. Predictably, Callahan’s column from yesterday on race also spilled over into D&C’s programming for the morning. These two are undoubtedly the least qualified people in Boston to discuss this subject. Leave it to these guys to encourage this talk over talk of the first Celtics Eastern Conference Final since 1988.

Last night on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” the first talk of a MLB Player strike was mentioned. It came right after the Red Sox highlights as it was mentioned that it would figure that the Red Sox would be off to a tremendous start and it’s a good possibility that the season could be cut short by a strike. August was mentioned as a possible time, which would be similar to the disastrous 1994 work stoppage. In this area, while a strike would be terrible, at least by August the media would have the Patriots to report on everyday.

Celtics fans will likely want to check out their next opponent tonight at 8:00 when the Nets try to close out the Hornets on TNT. NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 7:00. On ESPN, there is game 7 of the San Jose/Colorado series, while ESPN2 has Mets/Dodgers at 10:00.