The Globe was a bit tardy in updating it’s sports section this morning, with yesterdays page staying on until nearly 8:00 AM. As of this writing, the page still isn’t up to it’s usual format, but instead only has the stories listed. Peter May tries to comfort the Celtics fans by telling them that the deciding factors favor the Celtics. Sorry Pete. Of all the game Fives you outlined, only two bear any similarity to this one. Those two are the 1984 Sixers -Nets and the 2001 Mavericks-Jazz. Those were the only two instances where the younger, less experienced team advanced. In all the other series, it was the team with playoff experience that moved on. Advantage: Philadelphia. The ghost of Bob Ryan awakens and asserts that todays NBA is, in fact, Fan-tastic. Dan Shaughnessy attempts again to be the guardian of Boston sports history. He and Buckley should just duke it out sometime. You can catch the game on FSNE tonight at 7:00. The game is supposed to be blacked out on TNT, but you might want to check anyway. Jim Baker tells us that the TNT broadcast Wednesday night outdrew the FSNE version, but that Pedro against the Devil Rays trampled them both. Baker is another columnist who seems to had a fire lit under his tail recently.

You can catch the Red Sox against Tampa Bay tonight at 7:00 on NESN.

Sports Talk Radio should be lively today. A plethora of available topics. Celtics tonight, Red Sox, Kentucky Derby, The release of native son Jermaine Wiggins. Peter Gammons will be on the “Big Show” this afternoon.

Question: Why does Paul Pierce continue to get a (relatively) free ride in this town while Antoine Walker gets castigated? Callers, (I Hate Walker!) media members, (He was scoreless in the 4th quarter) and web posters, (Walker dribbling behind his back is why we lost that game) all love to take shots at Antoine. Pierce is, by all accounts the “best” player on the Celtics, shouldn’t he be receiving the criticism for his play? He gets very little in this area. Walker is the one everyone seems to love to blame because of his seemingly conflicting set of skills.