For some reason the game was not blacked out on TNT last night. Perhaps because it was a road game? (or some operator asleep at the switch) So you had your choice of FSNE or TNT to watch the game. Tommy Heinson attempted a few times to be fair about the officials, but he was wrong even then. He tried to say a offensive foul on Mutumbo was a bad call, then Mike Gorman corrected him as Dikembe had cleared out the Celtic player. As the game went on, Tommy’s green blood came out more and more. A traveling on Iverson that was not called. A blocking foul called on Paul Pierce after a collision with Iverson, a goaltending call on Paul Pierce. These all raised Heinson’s fury. The FSNE halftime was entertaining with JoJo White and World B. Free chatting. As for TNT, Mike Fratello is just not the same “Czar” without Marv Albert. The TNT broadcast was rather bland, and seemed to focus on the 76ers instead of even coverage of the teams. Game 5 is set for tomorrow night and could be remembered in coming years right up there other Celtics-76er playoff games of the past.

The Red Sox game was a one sided slugfest. The pregame ceremony honoring Derek Lowe was nice, it was pretty neat to hear from Hideo Nomo, who offered his congratulations on the scoreboard video screen. Classy to also honor catcher Jason Varitek. The proclamation from Mayor Menino was sufficiently wordy, and whether it was read incorrectly or not, (the announcer gave the date of the no-hitter as September 27) it seemed a bit over the top. Do the Yankees do this sort of thing? Only the ProJo reports that Rickey Henderson threatens to leave the team if he doesn’t play more.

Bill Griffith lets us know who will be the top FOX team for NFL broadcasts next season. Sounds like an odd mix.

The thread in the Patriots Newsgroup regarding Media Bias in the Boston papers continues on. Some good observations there.