Worst. Winter. Ever.

Just a few quick links this snowy morning…

The Celtics beat the Bobcats last night, 108-100. Kevin Henkin on the BSMW Full Court Press has a look back at a grinder at the Garden last night, as he compiled his thoughts during the game, stream-of-consciousness style. CelticsLinks.com has the stories from this morning.

Scott on Patriots Daily looks at the early moves of free agency, including a good-bye to Asante Samuel and the uncertain status of Randy Moss. You can also look in at PatriotsLinks.com to see all the current stories on the team.

RedSoxLinks.com and BruinsLinks.com should get you all the rest of your sports stories today.

Chad Finn offers up some thoughts on Sam Cassell, Asante Samuel, Barry Bonds and Rosevelt Colvin among others.

Michael Gee reminds us that Larry Bird skipped the White House ceremony with Ronald Reagan after the 1984 Championship. If WEEI had existed then, would Bird have gotten skewered by the morning show as Manny did this week? Especially since it was Reagan in the White House?

Come to think of it, Bird did a few “odd” things while he was here with the Celtics, bar fights in the playoffs, the “Moses does eat *****!” at the parade ceremony, and quite a bit of other stuff. How would the modern-day sports media have treated Bird?