Down, and Then Up Day for Boston Sports

Yesterday was one of those rare days we all cherish here in New England. Three of our local sports teams in action, two of them in the playoffs.

The Celtics got the day started at 12:30pm, and frankly, were pretty terrible. They dropped the opener of their best-of-seven playoff series 105-103 in overtime. Paul Pierce missed a free throw with two seconds left in regulation that would’ve given the Celtics the lead. Ray Allen scored 4 points for the game. Rookie Derrick Rose tied a playoff record for rookies with 36 points. Kevin Henkin on the BSMW Full Court Press has the grim details. Check the rest of the coverage at Hint – don’t read Shaughnessy this morning. His effort was worse than the Celtics, if you can believe it. Marc J. Spears in his NBA Notes looks at Chauncey Billups trying to lead his hometown Nuggets deep into the playoffs.

The Red Sox were up next, at 7:00pm – Josh Beckett didn’t have his best outing, giving up four runs, three earned, in the fifth inning, but those were all the run that the Orioles got, as the Red Sox won, 6-4. Kevin Youkilis hit his third homer for the Sox. has all the stories and recaps you could possibly need. Nick Cafardo in his Baseball notes has Jake Peavy and the Padres liking where they are for now. Michael Silverman in his Baseball notes looks at the concern over David Ortiz’s lack of power and production thus far.

The Bruins capped off the night in style, with a rousing 5-1 game two victory over the hated Montreal Canadiens. Once again, check in at for the coverage and reaction. Kevin Paul Dupont in his NHL notes checks out the teams that didn’t make the postseason and what the future might hold.

The Patriots continue their preparation for next weekend’s NFL draft. Chris Warner on Patriots Daily hands out a list of 2009 Draft Superlatives for your perusal. will get you caught up on the rest.  Mike Reiss has a good edition of the NFL notes with an assessment of the 2006 draft for each team, now that three seasons have past.


Weekend Update

Just a few quick notes on a Saturday evening…

Entercom Announces New WEEI Weekend Lineup

With the recent sacking of the Mustard and Johnson Saturday morning program, Entercom has now announced their new schedule for the weekends:

Beginning Sunday, September 7th, Michael Felger takes over as host of NFL Sunday, the pre-eminent Patriots football pre-game show, from 9:00am to noon. Felger will be joined by two regular contributors to the program, New England Patriots Hall of Fame Linebacker Steve Nelson and Paul Perrillo, Senior Writer for New England Patriots Football Weekly. Tom Curran of NBC will also call in every week to provide a national perspective on each week’s games. NFL Sunday will provide listeners with the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the Patriots as they prepare for their upcoming opponents.

After the game, it’s The Real Post Game Show with Big Show Flash Anchor Pete Sheppard, and two of the most respected and well versed former Patriots in town — Fred Smerlas and Steve DeOssie. The program airs immediately after every Patriots game, and will give listeners their first chance to discuss, break down and analyze the outcome. The Real Post Game Show airs from 4pm to 7:30pm, leading into the network’s coverage of Sunday Night Football.

On Saturday, WEEI is proud to announce the addition of The Radio Show. The new show will kick off this Saturday, September 6th at 9am, and will be co-hosted by editor Rob Bradford and Mike Mutnansky. Mutnansky has been a weekend contributor to WEEI in recent months and also hosts an afternoon drive show on WGAM 900 AM in Nashua NH. Bradford, of course, most recently wrote for the Boston Herald and is the author of two books, “Chasing Steinbrenner” and “Deep Drive”. In addition to covering the major sports stories of the day, the Radio Show will highlight the newly-created content on Each of the regular contributors to the web site — Ron Borges, Will Leitch, Mike Petraglia, Alex Speier, Jeff Goodman and others — will appear on the show on a rotating basis.

It also appears we haven’t seen the last of “Yankees Talk”; regarding Mustard and Johnson, Jason Wolfe offered the following statement: “Craig Mustard and Larry Johnson have done a spectacular job on their Saturday morning shift, and I want to thank them very much for all they have contributed to the success of WEEI. They are certainly going to continue to be a part of our lineup in the weeks and months ahead, and we are also speaking with them about new and specific roles with I am very excited to continue to work with both of them.”

From the announcement, it would appear that the Baseball show with Mike Adams, Sean McAdam and Steve Buckley is done for the season, it would stand to reason that some form of the show will return at some point, either for the postseason should the Red Sox make it, or next spring after the Patriots season concludes.

The cleverly named The Radio Show is clearly an effort to promote and integrate the new web site into the listenership. In monitoring the RSS feed of the blog postings from the site, the content has been steady, though not spectacular at this point. It will be interesting to see how things continue to develop with this experiment, and what tone it takes…will there be more reporting and digging up of facts, or will there be bombastic opinion similiar to what you can hear simply by turning the radio station on?

In an unrelated/related story, I’ve also been looking forward to the promised changes at, as both Tony Massarotti and Chad Finn have assumed their new roles by now. I’ve haven’t seen anything of note yet, but will continue to monitor…

Worst. Winter. Ever.

Just a few quick links this snowy morning…

The Celtics beat the Bobcats last night, 108-100. Kevin Henkin on the BSMW Full Court Press has a look back at a grinder at the Garden last night, as he compiled his thoughts during the game, stream-of-consciousness style. has the stories from this morning.

Scott on Patriots Daily looks at the early moves of free agency, including a good-bye to Asante Samuel and the uncertain status of Randy Moss. You can also look in at to see all the current stories on the team. and should get you all the rest of your sports stories today.

Chad Finn offers up some thoughts on Sam Cassell, Asante Samuel, Barry Bonds and Rosevelt Colvin among others.

Michael Gee reminds us that Larry Bird skipped the White House ceremony with Ronald Reagan after the 1984 Championship. If WEEI had existed then, would Bird have gotten skewered by the morning show as Manny did this week? Especially since it was Reagan in the White House?

Come to think of it, Bird did a few “odd” things while he was here with the Celtics, bar fights in the playoffs, the “Moses does eat *****!” at the parade ceremony, and quite a bit of other stuff. How would the modern-day sports media have treated Bird?