Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti

Tony Massarotti, come on down... Massarotti has been with the Herald since 1989, as he joined the paper fresh from Tufts University. He was the Massachusetts Winner of the 2001 National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Sportswriter of the Year award. He's been covering the Red Sox since 1994, but in recent years has moved into … Continue reading Approval Ratings – Tony Massarotti

Herald, Massarotti Continue Alienation of Readers

There will be no approval ratings today. Instead, we're going with this analysis of the Boston Herald's ongoing apology. Has the Boston Herald been carefully orchestrating this whole walkthrough apology in order to generate the most attention (and revenue)? It would appear so. Yes, I certainly wanted more from the paper than simply the statement that … Continue reading Herald, Massarotti Continue Alienation of Readers