As mentioned a bit back, Greg A. Bedard will be leaving his position as NFL writer for the Boston Globe to join Sports Illustrated. The move became official this morning.

His role at SI will be in at least some way tied to the new Peter King webpage, mentioned by Deadspin earlier this week, and dubbed “Kinglandia.” The site is said to be modeled on Grantland, but will be football-themed.

Bedard will continue with the Globe through next month’s NFL draft, but as I mentioned in a previous post, the paper has already begun looking at candidates to replace him. While he is leaving the Globe, Bedard is not moving, and will be based in Boston, so we’ll assume he’ll still have a big focus on the Patriots.

More on this as it develops…

Update: Greg has posted about it:



24 thoughts on “Greg Bedard Officially Leaving Globe for Sports Illustrated

  1. I’ve been listening to the new weei show with Salk and Holley and I am thoroughly UNIMPRESSED. Who needs sleeping pills when you got this combo on.
    I think it’s safe to say that F&M have nothing to worry about for the foreseeable future.

    Somewhere right now Ordway is having a good laugh at the suites who replaced him with the human sleeping pill.

    This guy was perfect for Seattle…Zzzzz…


      1. Salk does seem like a nice enough guy, and seems to know his sports–so far not a bad beginning. But I don’t sense a whole lot of energy in his delivery. Maybe he’ll grow into his new role in time, and he’ll start asserting himself more in days to come. But despite Holley saying Salk was going KG in the office before the show, ramming his head into walls and screaming F-bombs, I don’t hear much urgency yet. He’s not driving the conversation the way a #1 guy should. But give him time.


        1. nah…i’m good. I heard enough. I turned it back to Mazz and Beetle and it was a 100 times more entertaining. WEEI wiffed again imo on another hire.


    1. Was I listening to the same show you were? The whole format was different. Different segments at various points in the show, no Whiner Line, Salk driving most of it — time will tell how he works here, but it definitely wasn’t the same “Big Show” at all.


        1. They already have a TV show called The Talking Dead and it airs right after The Walking Dead (it’s a show for the fans of TWD).


      1. I lasted about 10 minutes. I don’t care where Salk is living and what was the same old same old was the tired, mom’s basement, what are you having for dinner with mom and dad type of jokes. I may be alone in this but it was an instant turnoff for me. Get to the sport takes.

        Tuned in a little bit today too and just wasn’t impressed.

        I do find it interesting that they have Felger off all week this week. They’re almost inviting their listeners to check out the new guy. Its the kind of move Ordway would’ve made at the height of his arrogance and dominance in the years before98.5


        1. It just proves that they know this Salk guy is no threat whatsoever. It is litterally zombie radio between 2-6 Zzzzzzzzz…..
          Makes Dale Arnold sound like Malcom X!


          1. You mean like how you guys hate Felger but you know every word he says? I’m sampling a new show. You guys listen to Felger every day he is on radio and tv. You then come on here and slam him all day but you know what that really makes you….a Felger fan. I bet you guys listen to him more than i do because I’m not obsessed with him and how he’s a big meanie to the Celtics and Patriots. 🙂


          2. I don’t listen to Felger & Mazz so I don’t know nor do I care what he says. Unlike you apparently, when I don’t like something, I turn it off


          3. “Not obsessed with Felger?” He’s all you talk about! He’s your god, your savior, your almighty. You are a Felger fluffer! Give me a break. You come here and troll this board day after day saying how great Felger and Mazz are. You’re a fan of them more than a fan of any sports team. You know what that is? Pathetic.


        2. Or EEI knew Felger would be on vacation so they rolled out the new host while he’s out, sort of like how Buck came out on air on the day when ratings were being assessed.

          Mike’d Up is the same old whiner line. It’s a huge mistake for those guys not to have ditched it altogether. Answer the Question, Jerk is pointless, and I can see it becoming even sorrier if fans turn on them.. I thought it a likely sign of things to come that on day 1, on his first “ask me anything” bit at the end of the show, when asked, “Do you use porn?”, Salk artlessly punted. And I don’t know what makes these guys think that it’s a good idea to start wrapping up the show a half-hour before it actually ends. I listened to a few hours of each day and was even less impressed today than yesterday.

          Their on-air lovefest is already annoying. I started listening to Felger & Mazz in January 2011, and their distaste for each other was palpable. Whenever Felger was gone, Mazz spent half his time bitching about him. I thought it was hilarious. And the antagonism between them really drove the show. By now, Mike and Tony have adjusted and they actually seem to like each other, but they’re still a whole lot more animated than Salk & Holley. (And Salk’s “maybe I’ve done my homework..maybe I haven’t…I’m sly that way” is just aggravating.) The Talking Dead indeed. Or maybe Breaking Sad.


  2. Listened to a majority of the Salk & Holley Show the last two days to give them a fair shake, but came away thoroughly unimpressed. If there’s anything worse than Felger-troll radio, it’s boring and bland radio, and that’s exactly what Salk brought to the table.

    Salk seemed more concerned with doing a station ID and reminding everyone who he was every 30 seconds. He didn’t engage and was overly curt with callers. If there was one thing he was good at, it was getting to breaks on time. At one point he even cut off Jack Edwards mid-sentence and made him wait through an entire commercial break before concluding the interview.

    It was immediately awkward once they started their first show with little to no intro, immediately getting into this faux-passionate discussion about the previous night’s Bruins game, which they then proceeded to talk about for about 90% of the show. Salk just hung up on people calling to talk Pats, saying they’d only be taking Bruins calls until 5pm or some crap like that. I get that WEEI ignored the Bruins in years past, but it’s been overkill. Clearly there’s an edict from management to talk more Bruins, but their discussions and the show itself comes off as contrived.

    The show sounds scripted by the hosts from beginning to end, whereas the Big Show was more free-flowing with the callers playing a role in the direction of the discussion. All the canned bits like “Four at Four” and “Answer the Question, Jerk” were painful to listen to. The newly “evolved” Whiner Line, “Miked Up”, sounds exactly like the old Whiner Line, which still sucks and hasn’t been funny in 5 years. In fact, I don’t think I laughed once during the 6-7 hours I listened to the show.

    There’s just something about Salk that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s the tone of his voice or what, but I doubt I will be tuning back in anytime soon to find out. Wasn’t a huge fan of Ordway & Holley, but Salk & Holley is a big downgrade in my opinion.


    1. Salk is small time. He does the kind of radio show that you would only hear in a small crap kicker town. Seattle is a major city with a small town mentality. That is what Salk is. He is not going to last 6 months…bet on it.


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