Tom E Curran covers the Patriots and NFL for Comcast SportsNet New England.

Curran has been covering the Patriots since 1997 when he was with the MetroWest Daily News. He moved over to the Providence Journal for several years before going national with NBC Sports in 2006. After four years there, he came back to the local scene with CSNNE in 2009.

He’s been a regular and favorite on WEEI for many years now, and even with the changeup in the format of The Big Show, they still get him on the air as often as they can. On CSNNE he is also the host of Quick Slants, a quirky Patriots show which airs Thursday nights at 7:00pm.

Curran is an entertaining personality, as well as a solid reporter, though he still gets needled about his report on Tom Brady’s knee recovery.



17 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Tom E Curran

  1. One of the best, if not the best reporter/personality in the market. I thoroughly enjoy his coverage,analysis, personality, and demeanor. He exploded last year with Quick Slants, something I was surprised to see from him. He provides solid insight, while never engaging in look at me antics. This is the kind of guy you build a show around, even though his expertise is football.

  2. Like him.

    He does a good job covering the team without the agenda and the added drama aspect. He's critical when it's warranted, not for the sake of being critical.

    He and Reiss would make an awesome combination talking football on the radio.

  3. Maybe my favorite "personality" in all of Boston. Likes his job, does it well, has a good relationship with the players and coaches, fantastic sense of humor, doesn't take himself too seriously, can be critical without being a Massarotti, good chemistry with just about anyone he's on the radio with. To me, Felger and Curran or Holley and Curran would be a dynamite 1-2 punch.

  4. He can try a little too hard to be funny sometimes, but not enough to warrant a disapprove, high marks all around otherwise.

  5. His show Quick Slants is horrendous mostly because all of his over-exaggerated hand gestures and creepy facial expressions make me very uncomfortable. If it were just for that show, I might be able to deal with him but after the way he botched the Randy Moss trade story claiming that it was "unfounded", he tried to save himself by making up a fake report saying that the Patriots were interested in trading for Vincent Jackson. Vincent Jackson would have required two 1st round picks. Everyone in New England knows A) the Patriots only trade 1st round picks for more picks and B) the Patriots never trade for anyone with anything more than a 3rd rounder (excluding the one exception that was Wes Welker for a 2nd). Guy is terrible.

  6. I love Felger, but Tom E. is probably second on that list. I don't give two dimes about Patriots football, but when I caught his new show last year just to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised & entertained. I hope he finds his way to radio eventually and I think he can be insightful on other sports given more of a forum. He does try to be too funny sometimes, but you can't blame a man for trying to be entertaining. Highly approve.

  7. Big thumbs up at this address for TEC.

    Quick test/survey. Of all the writers, reporters, talk show mush minds, bloggers, etc. in this market, who do you think you would most genuinely enjoy sitting down sharing a few beers and pizza with and talking football? He and Reiss are about the only ones.

  8. I think Tom Curran is the best football media person in town. I don't think he is the best beat writer…that's Reiss. Having said that I think he is the best pure writer on the Pats beat and other than McAdam and Ryan he might be the best pure writer in Boston sports. I think his wit and persona carry over well onto Radio and TV. Quick SLants is great. But here is the reason why i approve of Curran…if you take the time to write him a well thought out email that may or may not disagree with his points…he will take the time to write you back a well thought out response. No canned cut and paste thank you, no snarky condescension…honest prose. Its very refreshing…he gets it…he understands that his job is to be a gateway to the fans. Contrast that to the disdain Tony Mazz has for fans. Its night and day. If I were WEEI and I wanted to counter program Felger and Mazz I would start with Curran…as the football voice…and then look for a Baseball guy to partner with him who could keep up…first choice would be McAdam but I don't see that happening now…second choice might be Peter Abraham.

  9. Tom E is funny and irreverent at times but he's very knowledgeable and gives us good insight into the Patriots via both his writing and broadcast appearances. He's one of the few guys on EEI these days who I still enjoy listening to. I find his Quick Slants Show with Mary Paoletti entertaining in a quirky, silly, goofy kind of way where no topic is taken too seriously. I also think he could do well with his own show on radio if he hooked up with a good partner. Local kid who paid his dues by working his way up the ladder. Tom gets my approve vote.

  10. A hearty hi-ho phantom approve!

    As the pontiff of chilitown mentioned he sometimes tries to be funny.

    The other 99.9% of the time I have found that he offers thoughtful, insightful analysis.

    To think that the GM of 98.5 or ‘EEI have not made him a permanent fixture yet over the likes of Tanguay, Gresh, Mazz, Mutt or Merloni tells you that they are not interested in that.

    If, of course he was offered a job and turned it down, than I apologize.

  11. Saw Quick Slants last year for the first time and I thought my TV was on Bravo airing some first date from "Millionare Matchmaker" or something (note: CSNNE is 52 and Bravo is 53 here). TEC says something, making hand gestures like Dane Cook and then Mary sits there and laughs/giggles at him…. chemistry? what?

    Maybe I have high expectations from watching NFL MatchUps (ESPN) or even NFL Live.

    On TEC's reporting, from listening both on SH mainly but also hearing him on WEEI this morning since they focused on football, I am a fan. So many beat reporters just use recycled notes/talking points, repackage in their own vernacular, and deliver as if original.

    Now, a commenter above mentioned that this show could be improved with someone like Mike Reiss. Absolutely! How about even Albert Breer? He was on G+Z (SportsHub) last Thursday? and completely toned down the suffocating homerism that can exist ad nauseum on all networks. His insight and commentary was awesome and also silenced the usual "let me talk over and above you"–I'm sure part of the reason he's a rising star @ NFLN.

  12. Sure he's a good writer, usually humorous (although he teeters into Mikey Adams-esque schtick), and comes across well on TV and radio BUT he lives in fear of his WEEI overlords. TEC chose to abandon the board in favor of protecting Julie's little secret. I'm afraid I need to disassociate myself from him and his fear of the wrath of Kahn. DISAPPROVE!

  13. Not much to add to everyone's positive comments on Curran because I agree with all of them – perfect combo of solid writer/reporter and likeable personality. But I'm curious why he's now decided to emphasize the 'E' in his name as I don't recall him ever using the middle initial while at the MWDN and ProJo. It's also curious that he's remained at EEI while fellow CSNNE staffers McAdam and Haggerty jumped over to 98.5.

  14. Tom Caron mentioned once while filling in on weei that curran added the e because thetwo of them kept getting confused with each other.

    1. Ok, that makes sense. Would've been funny if EEI ever paired them up together for a few fill-in shows…'Curran and Caron' has a nice ring to it, not to mention that it would make for entertaining radio.

  15. I watch regularly and his lack of insight is second only to Felger's. Also, his interviews are painful to watch. Routine questions reiterated from earlier shows. His knowledge base is not strong as evident from his comments on the TV show and his radio appearances.

    The weekly sit down is terrible because the food is irrelevant and contrived. Jerod Mayo is fun to listen to though.

    Suggestion. Make Mary Paoletti the lead on the show and it will improve immediately.

    Minor issues. Far too many screen shots with silly metallic backdrop (looks like a cheese grater) to promote facebook and twitter contacts. Same cluttered set and lower running banner as many current sports show. invest in video instead of still photos form AP. Needs an overhaul.

  16. What happened to Tom ,previously a good reporter then he got this show and he's acting like he's a rock star, its painful to watch, hitting on his co star , acting like he's high on the fact its his show etc someone slap him and bring him back to reality ! We want good info, inside info, a different insight, If he becomes a better reporter then he'll be a star in this city. I watch the show and I'm embarrassed for him

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