Gary Tanguay is the co-host of Mohegan Sun’s Sports Tonight on Comcast SportsNet.

The self-proclaimed “truck guy,” Tanguay is very busy, co-hosting Mohegan Sun’s Sports Tonight for CSNNE alongside Mike Felger as well as the pregame and postgame shows for the Celtics broadcasts on the network. He has been with CSNNE since 2000.

In addition, Tanguay is the host of the pregame and postgame shows on the 98.5 FM Patriots radio broadcasts. He was part of the August 2009 initial launch of 98.5 The Sports Hub, co-hosting the 10:00 am to 2:00 pm show with Scott Zolak before being dumped the following April in favor of Andy Gresh.

Prior to joining CSNNE, the Maine native worked at WBZ-TV, and also did radio work with WEEI, WVEI and WTKK, where he hosted “Calling All Sports.”


28 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Gary Tanguay

  1. DISAPPROVE……brings nothing to the table. amazed he's still in the business at all

  2. Disapprove! There are many odious things about the reprehensible Patriots pregame show (and about Tanguay in general), but the worst of the worst is when Gare Bear lets loose with a big belly laugh at one of Moe Gresh's "jokes". We get it Gary, you're a simp.

  3. I am still a bit miffed about his nervous breakdown when BB went for it on 4th and 2 against the Colts. Tanguay's whole world came crashing down and the shrill panic and screaming like a little girl were just too much to take.

    1. This is an accurate summation for Mr. Tanguay.

      May be less insightul than even Steve Burton.

      Still convinced to this day that Jason Bay will end up with the Yankees.

      Useless, vapid, brings nothing to the table.

  4. Just awful. Has zero original takes and just spews out crap to be seen as "controversial." In my opinion, the worst Boston sports media person (not named Shaugnessy).

  5. This guy is without a doubt the biggest no-nothing blowhard on the New England sports scene. As infuriating as Felger can be, at least he speaks from a position of knowledge and his arguements are fact-based. Tanguay thinks if you speak with bluster, it makes your point more valid. Truth is it only makes him more irritating to listen to.
    Being loud AND wrong is a bad combination.

  6. I think Tanguay is a genuine guy that just has very few opinions. He is not really a media personality as he simply conducts the show on CSNNE rather than provide insight or opinion. His bias with the Celts doesnt help him at all. His has taken the role of being opposite of Felger's views which has spread the spectrum out too far. I think he is good at hosting shows, while letting others provide commentary or information. Disapprove his personality.

  7. Disapprove, can't stand the mock indignation he applies to everything. During his brief run on 98.5 he took a cheap shot at Dustin Pedroia not long after his son was born (remember when his wife went through a difficult pregnancy and Pedroia had to leave the team for a few games, even skipping the All-Star Game). When the Yanks were in town for a series a few weeks after the baby was born, Pedroia and Youk had dinner with Jeter (they had become friends during the World Baseball Classic) at David Ortiz's restaurant. Tanguay went on this huge rant about Pedroia not having his priorities in order and that if he had to miss games before his child was born, then why was he leaving his wife and newborn son at home so that he could have dinner with a member of the Yankees, using that consdescending fake-disgusted tone of his. I changed the station and have never listened to him since.

  8. I think the smartest move 98.5 has made was getting Tanguay out of the daily talk show business. Replacing him with Gresh is a whole different argument…but recognizing Tanguay was in over his head on the daily show and correcting that mistake was a good move by the 98.5 brass. He clearly had no ability to think critically in an intelligent way to drive sports talk on a daily basis.

    I think Tanguay has a great radio voice and he looks/sounds good on TV. I think as a master of ceremony type host he is fine. As soon as he is asked to analyze anything whether it is football or basketball he appears to be over his head. I am not sure if he can't think fast, doesn't do his homework or is concentrating too much on being Ted Baxter that he gets exposed. I have heard that he is one of the better guys in Boston media, he just is not that competent.

  9. This week is turning into a Murderer's Row of jackoff losers, isn't it? Smarmy and screechy, which isn't easy to pull off, but he does it. Disapprove!

    When do we rate Larry Johnson?

  10. Simply the worst of the worst. During last year's Tom Brady contract "controversy", several reporters, the Patriots' organization, and even Brady himself stated that the deal was complete and there was nothing to see, etc. Tanguay would have none of this, though. He turned on his official "serious" voice and proceeded to tell us that he could tell that things were not as they seemed because of something he saw in Brady's eyes. At least Felger puts some work into generating new controversies…

  11. BTW, how about approval ratings on some of the guys who work at smaller papers and are in the trenches too? I mean, what value is there in telling everyone that Larry Johnson sucks? The sun will come out tomorrow, and in other news it's still yellow.

  12. Another guy whose continued employment illustrates how great a nation the US is.

  13. The epitome of the empty suit. No original insight. He's dangerous though, because of his tendency to "throw it out there"

    1. I'd love to have an actual count between Tanguay and Stearns as to which one uses that "throw it out there" trope the most.

      It seems that Tangy uses it to precede idiotic statements ("I'm just throwing it out there, but what if the Pats COULD sign Peyton Manning? How do you balance playing time between him and Tom Brady?") while Butchie uses it to sound a retreat when he's been exposed as saying something inane ("OK, so maybe it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to trade Bucholz for Carlos Pena. I'm just throwin' it out there!").

      Your thoughts?

  14. Absolutely terrified that this man might be the future play-by-play guy for the Patriots. Brings less than nothing to the table.

    Scratch that. He was good as a punching bag for T&R to rag on when he was still on the Sports Hub. That's it.

  15. Did you ever love a band and made their music an integral part of your life? I know a lot of people who feel that way about the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Bruce, Nirvana and well, the list is as wide as you want it to be. But then you're somewhere and one of your favorite songs comes on and some jorts-clad sand-pounder comes right over and starts explaining — loudly and incorrectly — in your ear what makes that song so perfect. "It's DEFINITELY Billy Wyman's drumming!" he'll shout, and then tell you that he was the first one to play them when he was the overnight dj at some college you've never heard of.
    That's Gary Tanguay, except his forte is sports.

    It's not that he knows nothing; he knows just enough to think he knows everything. Like Ted Baxter in L.L. Bean, he's somehow convinced that his authoritative baritone immediately commands respect. He's an authority because … well … he sounds like he should be. At least that's what people have told him (or, more likely, all he's ever heard) in his life.

    I give a hearty DISAPPROVE! but unlike those votes made on Borges or Masserotti, I give this one with a little bit of compassion, because I think Gary's never going to know that his fly is open, and will never believe that a voice like his doesn't immediately earn attention and agreement. He'd make a lovely PA announcer for a some junior college team or maybe even a decent booth announcer for the local news outlet in Muskrat Falls, but he is under a severe delusion that he has something important to say, that he knows sports more deeply and intelligently that anyone, and that people respect him. None of that is true.

  16. I could literally spend forever on why Tanguay gets a giant disapprove but I will give three examples.

    1) In 2009 on CSNNE actually said that Terry Francona should be fired because he had lost the clubhouse. He has nothing factual to go on. He just says it.

    2) About a week ago said Adrian Gonzalez has a chance to be the best right handed batter in baseball since Albert Pujols. I do not think I need to explain what is wrong with this statement.

    3) He had everything wrong with the Celtics financial situation two seasons ago. The Celtics Blog does a great job explaining this.

    Bonus, you know someone has no idea what they are talking about when they feel the need to scream when trying to make a point.

  17. Winning, LTD and FWL couldn't have put it any better. Gary Tanguay was blessed with a baritone voice that anyone (except maybe Don Orsillo) aspiring for a voiceover career would kill for. He is indeed Ted Baxter come to life. If Tanguay had been born a generation earlier, he would have given old schooler Gary Owens a run for his money.

    The saddest part about his removal from 98.5's midday show was that T&R lost a plethora of comedic material – the bits they did about him were hilarious (along with the 10:00 crossovers).

    He is best suited to being a host or emcee that can read a prompter exactly as written – he makes ad-libs a four-letter word. He should not be allowed to have any on-air opinions. He is an empty set of pipes and nothing more. Big, big disapprove anytime he goes off-script.

    Tanguay, Stearns and Burton are truly the holy trinity of vapidity.

    1. I consider Halloran the 4th horseman of this Apocalyptic crew. He doesn't burden us with his presence too often thank goodness, but when he does, I find myself shaking my head at a majority of the things he says. I can't completely remember what it was, but a couple years back he was going off about something about Brady and I wanted to reach through the radio and punch him because what he was saying was so off-the-charts wrong and idiotic. I think it was something about questioning his commitment after the knee injury?

  18. Total douche. Jocksniffer to the extreme. It's all about him….and there is no "him." Big voice and midget substance. Paying this clown for anything is like standing in the middle of the woods and banging your pipe relentlessly with a ballpeen hammer.

  19. I work with a number of people like him. They look & sound the part, but when you get past that, there is nothing. Subtract a good set of pipes, and he's running a liquour store in Camden.

  20. Tanguay, as many have said in various ways, reminds me of the guy we've all known whose sports knowledge and conversation is so lacking that it’s cringe-worthy. Horribly ill-informed opinions and lack of basic knowledge, you can tell it's almost uncomfortable for other guests on Sports Tonight. I honestly could not listen to him on the radio with Zo; fortunately we had Dale and Holley as an alternative back then, though his ability to create fodder material for the morning show was unparalleled. As many have said, he is likely much more suited to a role strictly as a host of a show where he can introduce topics and guests with no opinion or commentary involved. The idea that he could succeed Gil Santos is incomprehensible to me.

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