Kathryn Tappen is NESN’s host of Boston Bruins studio coverage.

She broke onto the New England media scene in 2005 at NBC Channel 10 in Providence, Rhode Island, where she was the weekend sports anchor and sports reporter for the station. She also has received two Emmy nominations for sports feature reporting. Tappen has served as a sideline reporter for NBC Universal Sports and hosted a nightly special covering the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

In August 2006, she moved over to NESN, where she remains, though for how long is unknown. Rumors have been flying that the NHL Network, with a fancy new U.S. studio and facility has their eye on Tappen as a potential host on a national level.

This past year, Tappen also spent time with the Patriots, serving as a sideline reporter and delivering a 1-on-1 with Randy Moss following his remarks after the Patriots season opener.

Tappen is married to former Bruin Jay Leach, who got into seven games with the New Jersey Devils this past season.


18 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Kathryn Tappen

  1. I like Kathryn Tappen a lot – no doubt she knows her hockey, she is always well prepared, she works well with Pederson and Kluzak, and unlike a lot of media analysts; she doesn't try to be someone she isn't – I mean, what's not to like?

  2. Someone actually disapproved? Wow. She interacts well with Kluzak and Pedersen and lets them do the analysis. She isn't bad on the eyes either…..

  3. NESN's vanilla broadcasts of the Sox and Bruins are tedious — and IMO the Sox telecasts need an overhaul as both the announcers and the analysts have grown stale — but I like Tappen. She knows her stuff, she doesn't add in superfluous commentary, and right now I think NESN is fortunate to have her…I can see her taking off for greener pastures eventually.

  4. She does a very good job at leading the dialog with analyst. She has continued to show her improvement with understanding of the game. A very solid approve.

  5. Very solid host. Did a very good job when she was in Providence too. I expect to see her in October hosting NHL on the Fly on NHL Network when the American version of the channel begins for the 2011-12 season.

  6. At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss her as just eye candy, but she clearly knows her hockey, and that's all that can be asked of a TV studio host on hockey telecasts. She also seem to have an enthusiasm for the game that's does not come off as "forced" in any way. I'm sure NESN will end up losing her, because the people running that place never seem capable of getting a clue. That will be great for Ms. Tappen, and bad for NESN and the loyal B's fans out there.

  7. APPROVE… knows her stuff as opposed to Hedi Whatney who brings nothing to the table but her looks. but that'a a disapprove for another day

  8. All you need to know is that the NHL Network is apparently interested in her services…Approve with a capital 'A'!

  9. She has grown into that role and has gotten better and better with each passing year. Which of course means NESN will let her leave and start back at square one with someone new.

  10. Would someone please cite an example of K-Tap "…knowing her hockey…"? I find her vapid and simple. The banter between her and Gord or her and Barry is usually just boring, uncomfortable smalltalk. She's nice to look at, as most here have made clear, but for someone who's married to a hockey player you'd think she'd be able to provide more insight. You'd be wrong. Again, I defy any of the supporters here to provide one single insight she has shared.

  11. I think she's great. Knows when to talk and when to listen. Good interviewer. Shows a personality.

  12. Dale and Tappen are hosting the Sunday Morning show. Dale just brought up this poll on Tappen….props to Dale. He's the only Media type who will mention this site. Every other sports yakker avoids it like the plague

  13. I wouldn't kick her out of my bed for eating crackers for sure. She is just a great personality. I love her in the morning and the evening.

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